The Akashic Journal Of Lord Yeshua

My latest spiritual adventure detailing the actual life and actions of Lord Yeshua (Christ) and his Holy Sister, Mother, and Father in another sister universe.  Some may disbelieve, but this is sacred scripture from another time and place.

I am attaching the First Codex from The Akashic Journal Of Lord Yeshua.  It is quite long.  It is an interesting book of scripture and quite broad in my opinion.  The major theme is the same as my other teaching tales–unconditional love, though rich in new knowledge as to the true nature of the Trinity and the issue of Gender.  The major characters understand the real spiritual purpose of carnality.

I hope you find it enlightening.  My close associates tell me it is brilliant.  It is copyright so you are not permitted to do anything with it.

The Second Codex is moving along nicely.  I imagine the story will take some 5 or 6 codices depending upon how detailed the transmission.

Codex One: The Beginning




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