Journal of Lord Yeshua-14

Chapter 14: Our Trip to Tiberias

We are up and dressed within an hour after sunrise. Both of them refused to bath after we made love the night before for they adore how they smelt when they are full of semen. I said nothing, as I considered this a victory over their prior obstinate cleanliness. I am not sure men can even smell such delicate odors.

Our new family saw us off with hugs and kisses. The walk to the inn was much less than an hour and we found everyone at breakfast. We joined our brothers to eat and discuss our trip.

We left for Tiberias close to nine in the morning with Thomas and me in the front followed by Ariel and Ruth and the two hounds with their medicinal cart. The rest of our brothers followed in pairs.

It was a pleasant morning with a breeze.

We walked for about two hours when we came upon a man who was hitting a young woman who was protecting her dog. The man was yelling, “Your dog peed on my sandals so let me beat the life out of him.”

The young women said protecting her dog, “Please father, he is only a little puppy and did not do it on purpose.”

I ran to the man and grabbed his arm so he could not strike his daughter. I asked, “It is not proper to beat an animal nor human for any offense. Where is your sense, man?”

The man tried to pull away from me, but I was too strong for him. He replied wrathfully, “I own this dog and I own my daughter so I may beat them whenever and for whatever reason I choose.”

Calmly, I replied, “It is much to your advantage to do as I respectfully ask. I do not want to have to apply stronger measures.”

Thomas had reached me and replied, “Friend, I would do as my friend says. He is the Son of God,”

The man spat in my face and without any malice I let go of his arm and he fell to the ground paralyzed. I said, “It will only last till the sun sets, but I caution you, it will become permanent if you ever beat another animal or person, so help me God.”

I turned to lift up his daughter who seemed about fifteen or so. I asked, “Would you like to come and live with us. My sweet wives, Ruth and Ariel, will take care of you as if you were our daughter. And we have two Egyptian hounds, Poverty and Humility, to play with your puppy. What is her name?”

The young lady replied, “Her name is Sunlight and I love her very much. I will come with you as my father is cruel to me and all his animals. I cannot say I love him. My name is Hagatha and my mommy is dead.”

Ruth and Ariel came over and introduced themselves. Ruth brushing off the dirt on Hagatha’s gown said, “Hello, my name is Ruth and this is my daughter Ariel. You can trust me as I am very nice and so is Ariel.”

Ariel added, “We can be sisters, Hagatha. I will be happy having you as my sister as you are very pretty and sweet.”

As we prepared to leave with Hagatha, her father was about to say something, but was interrupted by Thomas, “I would keep my mouth shut tight if I were you. He could send you to Sheol.”

The man said, “I see that I met someone more powerful than I thought I was. In humbling me, I saw that I had sinned greatly against God’s creatures. I will not strike another living creature so help me God. Your Rav truly is the Son of God.”

Thomas replied, “Tomorrow go to your local synagogue and report what happened here today. If you continue as a God-fearing man, you will be saved. The Rav is named Yeshua and he has two wives with eyes green and hair red and is prophesied in the Book of Anne.

“I promise, Brother, to do as you ask. Even, this wretched sinner wishes all of the Kyrios’s Blessings on you. Please watch over Hagatha for me. She deserves a good husband and not a selfish father.”

As we continued our walk to Tiberias, Thomas asked me, “Rav, I see that it is sometimes necessary to oppose active evil by force so to protect the innocent. I noticed that you did a workable correction without any malice towards that fellow.”

“Yes, Thomas, whenever, an intervention will protect an innocent, the maximum Good requires that we act without malice towards the perpetrator. We can hate the sin, but not a soul-seed and since you do not know the life history of the perpetrator or whether he or she has a soul-seed, you must have compassion and mercy in your response. But, the most difficult part is eating some of the worst sins of the sinner. Then, there is a hope that he or she will turn from the Dark to the Light. This is why the man will do what he promised you.”

Thomas replied, “Got it, Rav. We should be at the city gates before the sun sets and our rooms are ready. I will find a place for Hagatha. She seems very sweet and kind-hearted and is rather pretty.”

“Well, Thomas, I suggest that you and she get to know each other for I think you and her will make a good couple. After all, you did accept to find her a good husband. I will be honored to perform the ceremony,” I suggested.

“Rav, I only said she was sweet and pretty, I did not say I was ready for a wife,” answered Thomas.

I began to laugh and so did Thomas.

“You are correct as always. I am fond of her already. I will do as you suggest, Rav,” finished Thomas.

Our group stopped for a light repast. Ruth and Ariel hovered over Hagatha as good mothers hover over their children. Hagatha was starving for the affection of a mother and so bonded quickly to my wives. I thanked my Mother for showing such kindness to this little girl and I felt Mother kick me in the butt.

As predicted by Thomas, all of us arrived safely at the house he rented for the next month or so. Ruth and Ariel took Hagatha to our room, washed her, and dressed her in a clean gown. Then, they called for Thomas and asked him to entertain Hagatha until dinner time and find her a room for herself and her puppy.

Ruth said, “Hagatha, Thomas is our very best friend and he will tell you who we are and what we do. I am sure you will like him for I saw you staring at him during our short journey.”

Of course, Hagatha and Thomas both blushed and then left the room. Then, Ruth and Ariel undressed and washed each other.

Ariel said, “Mommy, I did not notice them looking at each other.”

Ruth replied, “Sweetheart, this is why I am Mommy and you are Daughter. Didn’t you hear Yeshua teasing Thomas about her and him getting married? Really, Honey, you must learn to pay closer attention to details.”

I came into the room and allowed my wives to clean and inspect me to make sure I was as clean as they were. Afterward, we dressed and went down to dinner.

The dining area of the house was on the rooftop which was covered by an arbor of grape plants and climbing roses which moved with the breeze.

Next to my place at the table, were places for Ariel and Ruth. Hagatha had been placed so she was next to Ruth and Thomas.

Before they sat down, Ariel went to Hagatha and whispered, “It is OK to call Mommy, Mommy. She likes being called Mommy very much.”

Hagatha said, “I would like to call her Mommy for I do not remember my Mommy at all.”

Ariel whispered to Mommy, “Mommy, but you are not allowed to breastfeed her as you milk is only for me and my brother, right?”

Mommy answered, “Of course, my breasts will only produce milk for you and our husband. Plus, neither of us will make love with her, right. She would never understand and it would hurt our dear friend’s feelings for sure.”

“I agree, Mommy. You really are the best mommy I have ever met,” and then she sat in her chair.

The first matter for the evening was for Thomas to introduce Hagatha to each of her new brothers and tell them of all the skillful things she knew how to do. One could tell that Thomas liked this girl very much. I saw that the introductions went well.

I asked, “Who wants to break bread and sip wine this evening and explain it to Hagatha?”

Timothy stood up and began. He said, “Hagatha when I take a loaf of bread and break it into pieces and pass the basket around, we are honoring Holy Mother who in her impersonal form consists of the Totality of Space, for Space is the Womb of all within the physical and spiritual worlds.

“When we share wine together, we say, ‘ The wine represents the Light, Life, and Love forever flowing from the Holy Father into the corporeal form of Holy Mother. Life is brought to each part of the body by the blood carrying air and nourishment. Grace flows into us from the Love and Wisdom of the Son and the Daughter.’

“So, when you lift up your saucer say, “This wine represents the Blood of God entering into my soul.”

So each of us ingested a small piece of bread and a sip of wine.

Hagatha blurted out, “Mommy, all of us have a Holy Mother in Heaven and she is married to Holy Father?”

Ruth took her left hand into her right hand saying, “Yes, sweetheart. Not only do you have a spiritual Mother in Heaven, but even a spiritual Grandmother in a Higher Heaven. And Father and Holy Father love and help all of the children.”

I thought to myself, “Those whose minds are simple and well focused, whose hearts are innocent and desiring honest love, understand me so very well. I will enjoy such persons whenever I can for I know my future is not in such sweet hands.”

It was Timothy’s turn to give the dinner blessing.

As dinner proceeded. I answered questions from Ariel and the brothers. Ruth was attending to Hagatha so to make her feel comfortable.

After dinner was finished, I began, “Here is my plan, feel free to improve upon it based upon your personal experience. Tomorrow, Barnabas, Matthew, and Cornelius will search for a larger house for our emancipation project. I will accompany them with our three young Rabbis so I can teach as we inspect.

“I would like to call the house, the House of Jael after the heroine who killed Sisera to deliver Israel from the troops of King Jabin. For the ladies of these Houses will deliver the Daughters of Man from patriarchal submission. Such daughters will become known as the Daughters of Jael.

“The rest of you will accompany my wives and my new daughter, Hagatha, to the markets where the harlots congregate. Ariel and Ruth will tend to the sick who can be healed by medicines. Brothers, I want you to distribute food to the hungry. Tell them, to return every day to be treated and fed and on the fifth day, a great Rav will come to preach and heal souls and bodies. Say nothing as to the House of Jael until I say so. Any questions?”

Ruth looked at me in total surprise as I had just given her an opportunity to fulfill her greatest dream. She said, “Husband, you have just fulfilled my third precious wish. The first was to love and heal Ariel, the second was to love and heal me in physical life, and the third was to find a way to keep young ladies and mothers from having to prostitute themselves as I was forced to do. I never told you of this wish, how did you know, wise Husband.”

“Delight of my life, after you and Ariel freely chose to do my will and not your own, to place unshakeable trust in my love for you, all of your desires, faults, and wishes became known to me. As my love for both of you, as it is for my disciples is unconditional, I look for opportunities to fulfill your wholesome inner wishes. So, I have fulfilled this wishes of yours as I fulfilled the wish you did not mention, to give you a second daughter by making love with you,” I answered.

“Sometimes, it seems that the wishes that I fulfill by the grace of Father and Mother for all of you, I was not even aware of fulfilling before I did such, Remember, that the Holy Family speaks most clearly to the heart and not the mind.”

I asked Thomas, “Sweet friend, may I share the wish I have prayed for you?”

Thomas blushed and replied, “Rav, I am a little shy about my wish, but my faith in you and your Parents overcomes all doubts. You may tell, our friends.”

I began, “We have wondered whether you wanted to be married for not. We know that you decided that your life was to be lived for our mission, as it is more valuable than any personal wishes. Now you shall find out the path that the Holy Family sees as best for you.

“Our meeting with Hagatha was not a chance event when we came across her father beating her and her puppy. When I raised my arm to stop the beating, I realized the possibility that you and Hagatha could be together in a sacred marriage. This is why I paralyzed and absorbed much of the sin of her father–so to save him and to free Hagatha.

“When, I first teased Thomas about Hagatha, he protested. Even Ruth saw them looking at each other as we walked to Tiberias.”

I turned to Hagatha, “Daughter, is it not true that you have found friendship in your heart for Thomas?”

Hagatha answered, in a quiet voice, “Yes, Father. What you say is true.”

I said, “The decision to marry is solely up to them.”

I paused and looked around at my friends, little Hagatha, and my wives. I saw tears of joy in the eyes of all. I thought, “I wish others would see that my Granny and my Mother are making thousands of thousands of miracles come true each day.”

I continued, “Time for a small teaching and then we will recap the results of the day.”

I answered a few questions and then we finished our parable and went to bed.

Hagatha spoke to Ruth saying, “Mommy, Sunlight and I am afraid to sleep alone, Can Sunlight and I sleep with you, Poverty, and Humility?’

Ruth replied, “I am sure Sister and Father will not mind. Do you like your new father, honey?”

“Oh, yes, Mommy. I love him already for he is so kind and wants to protect so many women. May I call Rav, Father, Mommy. Can I kiss him and hold his hand and tell me that he is the best father, Mommy.”

Ruth replied, “In fact, you can tell him that you love him and he is the best papa in the world. Take, my hand, we are off to bed.”

When Ruth arrived with Hagatha and Sunlight, I was not surprised for she held so much love in her heart, love that she was unable to share with anyone before Ariel was born from her womb.

As Ariel prepared a bed for her and Sunlight, Hagatha approached me without actually looking into my face. I lifted her chin and she said, “Rav, will you be my real daddy and love me all the way to the moon? It would make me so very happy. And Sunlight wants you to be her daddy also.”

I smiled and took her into my arms saying, “Yes, I am your real daddy now, just as Ruth is your real mommy. I love you more than to the Moon, I love you all the way to my Father and Mother. And I will be Sunlight’s real daddy too.”

Hagatha gave me a soft kiss on my lips saying, “I love my Daddy and so does Sunlight. I love Mommy and Sister and Poverty and Humility. Thanks for adopting us.” Then, she held up Sunlight saying, “Daddy, Sunlight wants a kiss goodnight too.”

So I kissed Sunlight goodnight also.

She went and climbed into her bed holding Sunlight in her arms and fell asleep immediately.

We undressed and climbed into bed for a quiet night. Ruth said, “Sorry, Husband, Ariel and I will make love to you in our shared dreams so little Hagatha would not hear.


PS:  There is no Chapter 13.  The exclusion has nothing to do with superstition.

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