Love Poems of the Good Doctor 4


21 October 2009

At first, my observations upon romance’s energies,
seemed strange, impossible, an illusion,
perhaps, grandiose and egocentric;
but, now I know,
Aphrodite taught me true.

For wherever Love burns true,
its flame out shines Aten’s solar disk,
sweeter than bee’s honey,
most holy of God’s light, shining pure,
resonating within susceptible hearts standing near.

Romance is as Gemini’s twins,
opposing faces of the Cosmic Cube,
bitter or sweet, red or gold, animal or divine,
easily mistaken, often confused,
One path to Purgatory, the other to God.

The more primitive of the two,
is instinctual, an evolutionary urge,
raging, savaging, wildfires of lust,
rapidly consuming all that lives within,
dying, a living, green forest no more.

The lower romance sets its trap for the young,
whose hearts know not the true ways of Love,
this evolutionary creature promises much,
gorging itself upon innocence and trust,
fracturing the heart, hiding God’s Love.

The Higher Romance begins,
when your darling Beloved to be,
having paid the price of innocence lost and regained,
seeking to find God’s Love once more,
in the kind touch and soft kiss of a woman.

First, he engages by arousing
wee touches of much needed, human lust,
for he knows the power of the lower,
activating mothering instincts,
he opens all of heart’s doors.

Being wise from experience,
intentions noble and pure,
he plants a small seed of trust
into the deepest part of your soul,
hoping that it will take root in virgin soil.

Allowing this seed to grow at its own pace,
feeding with words of substance and truth,
watering with kindness and caring,
tending his seed with tenderness and patience,
he awaits for Love’s first green shoot.

With Love’s first green shoot,
her Lover-To-Be knows
he chose well his garden soil,
for her soil is rich and alive,
her root ball strong and wide.

His Darling is blessed with a wise farmer,
knowing full well that Higher Romance
is God’s food for the human soul,
he gently feeds her growing love
with all that it needs.

He is a patient Lover-To-Be,
tending carefully to his someday
Lover’s growing needs,
listening to questions and assuaging fears,
he is in no rush to make her his’.

Her Lover grows closer each day,
feeling safe and adored,
respected for all of her unique charms,
her Lover comes to be most dear
she sees that someday she will be his.

The first, shy, quick kiss on the cheek,
joyful holding of her delicate hand in his,
seeing growing Love radiant and pure in her eyes,
he waits wisely for the moment of magic
when she gives herself, in toto, to him.

Such a moment this is,
when your Lover gives to you,
freely, joyfully and with God’s Love,
her temple body, holy and pure,
her sacred place, to inhabit as yours, alone.

Romance burns as a flame, radiant and warm,
a holy human love betwixt two souls,
warmth and light radiating from God’s hearth,
fulfilling God’s simple plan
of unconditional love, between woman and man.

Darling Angel, will you be mine,
lover and friend, wife and partner, in times easy and hard,
to make a happy home, with laughing babies
and tender moments of real joy and warmth,
this is my wish, my Love, grant it I beg.

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