The True Meaning of Fasting

The True Meaning of Fasting

Quite often,  seekers ask me whether or not I find fasting to be spiritually helpful.

The first question, I ask concerns their understanding or personal practice of fasting? Answers always concern abstinence from food and drink..  He or she describes the details of foods they eat and avoid, liquids they drink and avoid, and the length of the fast.

The second question, I ask is why they fast?  Invariably, the individual responds, I fast for spiritual benefit.

The third question, I ask is to explain the scientific basis, as to why abstinence from material sustenance can possibly help one spiritually?  I have yet to hear a rational answer.

Then, I inform them that most spiritual seekers have completely misunderstood the nature of fasting.  True spiritual fasting is  a spiritual practice to work so to be abstinent in committing unwholesome actions, words, and thoughts.  For spiritual progress requires spiritual work–abstinence from sinning or missing the mark.  Physical health requires physical work.

After all, a seeker can just as easily attune with his or her personal God without physical fasting.  All one needs is a quiet moment.




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