“Gabriel says there are two ways to approach the Holy Family, as far as prayer is concerned. He says that prayer is like a magnet having a North and a South Pole. Upon one pole of this magnet rests the prayer called prophetic prayer. Upon the other rests mystical prayer. He says that they are vastly different ways for humanity to approach the Holy Family.”

Gabriel wrote in his Codex, “Every man, woman, and child is able to pray.  Prayer is innate to human psychology. Today, I want to offer an accurate and essential definition of prayer.

“PRAYER is a living, conscious communication with God, a God conceived of as personal and present in experience, a communion which is in the form of a our evolutionary relationships.

“Three elements are present in religious prayer: First, the person praying sincerely believes he or she is speaking with the God of his or her Heart and Realization. Second. such God is intimately personally present and attentive. Third, that God and the person experience a true heart to heart communication.

“Reflecting upon the above definition, it is clear that classical, mystical contemplation and absorption are not PRAYER, as the mystic seeks the impersonal, Highest Good, or Highest Beauty, and desires to loss his or her personal identity within such.”

“If I understand Gabriel correctly,” said Sister Agnes Louise, “We must refer back to his lesson concerning the Holy Family as being the first manifestation of the Endless Timeless Source, or Brahman. If you remember, as Brahman is the Original, Boundless, Eternal Totality which cannot be described positively or negatively, the best that the human mind can accomplish is accept the Buddhist Four Fold Logic which allows every conceivable explanation, even though Brahman is more.

“The only way that Brahman can act within a limited Universe is to reduce Itself from an Absolute Infinity to a Finite, bounded region, by withdrawing a portion of Its Essential Nature from said Universe.

“Gabriel says, ‘The Kabbalist Luria realized the Creator must withdraw Itself from a portion of Infinite Space so to manifest a physical and psychic world. He called such Self-Limitation, Tzimtzum. Gabriel admits that he was well known to Luria.’

“Therefore, the Limited Brahman manifests as Holy Father and Holy Mother, as we discussed earlier. Moreover, the form which is experienced by a person praying corresponds to that conceived by the person. In truth, none of the Holy Family possess inherent form, but this is of little matter as far as humans are concerned.”

Sister Anna Marie commented, “So, in order to have a personal experience with a member of the Holy Family, we must create a Sacred Image, or a Divine Mold, which they can inhabit so we can have a personal, loving experience with them. Clever. This way they can help all conscious creatures everywhere in the Universe, presuming that the human form is not unique.”

Sister Agnes Louise paused, saying, “Gabriel says, ‘That there are many kinds of creatures in our Universe, some in the physical, some only in the Oneirion World.’ In one section of his Codex, he tells of his experiences with the Djinn, who look just like humans.”

“It is true Grandmother. I have met many curious creatures in my dreamtime. I love dreaming so very much,” I added.

Sister Agnes Louise continued, “If one studies the early cultures of our species, such as those found in the pre-Upanishad Vedas of the Indo-Aryans, we discover that primitive prayers are trine in expression. Do not think that moderns have abandoned this prayer triune, just ask some church goers.

The first member of the triune is called a ‘petitionary prayer.’ Moreover, it is likely that petitionary prayers were the earliest free and spontaneous outpourings of the human heart. Such petitions arise easily in times of great emotional upheaval such as acute anxiety, fear, vexation, hate, sorrow, worry and other psychic upsets. They express themselves via the will to live in situations of passionate struggle and longing for self-preservation, deliverance or turning aside of threatened danger.

“Prayer is always found when an individual consciousness realizes that it can do nothing and so he or she places reliance upon mightier beings who are in charge of his or her fate.

“In situations in which a person finds that he or she is helpless to avert the danger, he or she innately calls upon and invokes the immediate help of a powerful ancestor, nature spirit, or a local deity. Post-enlightenment proponents claim that in times of danger, the emotional overload causes them to regress to child state when they were protected by their parents.

“Gabriel teaches that such regression does occur, but this is not the proper explanation. The true emotional driver for such prayers for assistance is not found within the personality per se, but arises from the divine soul-seed present in all normal humans. For the soul-seed is our personal vessel, or kli, so to receive Light from the Noble Organ which is our connection to the Holy Family. Such Light coming as useful information on how to act.


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