Resurrection Eve — 34.3

Holy Mother spoke in the kindest of voices saying, “On the small table rest two seeds. The golden seed is to be swallowed by you, grandson. The silver seed is to be swallowed by you, granddaughter. Drop your gown, granddaughter, show me your pelvis.”

The wife dropped her robe and looked at herself in a large mirror which appeared from nowhere.

The young wife saw her misshaped pelvis in the mirror and felt so ashamed of her ugliness. She tried to hide her deformity but she was unable to do so. She started to cry. Her husband grabbed her into his arms and turned her face away from the mirror saying, “Honey, when I look at you I have always seen you perfect. You are the only wife I ever wanted and we shall be together for all our lives. Please, Holy Mother don’t make her look into the mirror again.”

Holy Mother replied, “Doctor, turn your wife to the mirror. It is my demand.”

The young husband turned his wife and himself so to look into the mirror. Holy Mother said, “Observe the power of the unconditional love you possess for each other. Sufficient Love works miracles. Grandfather, look how very beautiful our little granddaughter is. She is no longer crippled and all is repaired. She will make a wonderful grandchild for us to love. ”

Her pelvis and lower body were as they would have looked without the accident. She turned all the way around to see. She was without pain and had no limp. She called to her husband, “Oh, Husband, I can give to you a child. I am fully happy at long last.”

Holy Father said, “Take the seeds as my Beloved instructed you. For these seeds will combine with your own seeds so to prepare a vessel for our Holy Daughter, Bitya. She is a Savior and will end this needless war and banish evilness to a place where it will remain.”

The two ingested his or her respective seed with some spiced honey mead. When, they looked up, Holy Father and Holy Mother had vanished into the cold night leaving all the outerwear. The young wife said, “Come Husband, I am whole and I want to be with you.”

The young doctor was again Gabriel and the young wife was again Alliona. Alliona finished the story, “The husband and wife left to their bedroom and a beautiful girl was born nine months later. She was named Ariel, the Lioness. And it is her Holy Conception, as a Djinn, that we celebrate on Resurrection Eve.”


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