House of Eternity–A New Upanishad-17

13th Teaching (II) – Doctrine Of Samskara

[setting] Father continues his discussion of Samskara and Karma

Father: Our school, my beloved daughter, teaches thus.

Each human is born to a soul-seed having
an invisible conduit connecting such seed
to that which is Eternal, Unfathomable, Imperishable.

God forms uncountable soul-seeds,
but few choose to grow them
in the earthly time allotted,
so forfeiting Immortality.

Most soul-seeds passing from
one corporeal experience to another,
untouched, untarnished by the deeds
of its possessor in corporeal life.

Much of our lives spent mechanical,
but each human creature is granted choice.

She may choose to grow
her individuality by wholesomeness,
so to find liberation and immortality, or
choose to diminish her individuality
by unwholesomeness,
so to whither away the oneiroin,
the kesdjan body, after the death.

The immediate dissolution of an oneiroin is reserved
for the most evil and selfish creatures.
For dissolution is God’s way,
to prevent the accumulation of greater and greater evil.

Those who chose to relish in the lesser desires,
and have caused no great harm to others,
are attracted to a heaven pleasing to themselves,
such heaven formed by the quality of ones core love.

Heaven is not forever and
each oneiroin eventually fades away,
leaving an empty soul-seed for another being,
free of all prior karmic dispositions.

We teach that karma is dispositional alone,
there is no grand law of retribution,
each chooses how his or her life shall be,
one moment at a time.

Do not the Sutras teach,
that karma is insentient, unintelligent, and short-lived?
Hence, incapable of bestowing the fruits of ones action
at a future time according to ones dessert?

Do not the Sutras teach,
that the Great, Birthless Lord is the
eater of food and the giver of our fruit?

But, such fruit comes not until the seeker
first tastes the presence of Brahman within,
those we call Stream-Enterers.

The lessons sent by the Lord are reserved
for those we call, stream-enterers,
those who have almost made a perfected self.

To these the Lord sends tribulations and challenges
so to overcome and grow ones soul,
we call this Grace.

When a man or woman enters into the Stream,
he or she joins with the soul-seed,
and can call himself or herself “I.”

The soul-seed is like a woman’s egg,
for when the time is decided,
the egg chooses just one sperm,
and allows such sperm to join it as one.

This is called the First Holy Marriage, Radha,
This is the doctrine of Grace.
For no one can find God alone,
but God will find us when God so chooses.

The Oneiroin is now one with its Eternal Spouse,
gaining God’s Gift of immortality, continuity, actuality.
No longer a seemingly separate soul-seed,
for the finger on the hand has been recognized
and all souls are One, Brahman.

Do not the Sutras teach,
Two birds, fast-bound companions.
Clasp close the self-same tree.
Of these two, the one eats sweet fruit;
The other looks on without eating.

On the self-same tree a person, sunken,
Grieves for his impotence, deluded ;
When he sees the other, his Spouse, contented,
And his greatness, he becomes freed from sorrow.

When a seer sees the brilliant
Maker, Lord, Person, the Brahma-source,
Then, being a knower, shaking off good and evil,

Stainless, he attains supreme identity (samya) with Him.

So, sweet darling of your Father’s Heart,
the materialist schools are partially correct,
the afterlife schools partially correct,
the eternalist schools partially correct,
so we do not argue too firmly against them.

Our School, sweet Radha, belies reward or punishment,
afterlife, as is material life, is temporary
and fashioned out of an individual’s core loves.

No soul-seed is tarnished by life’s pleasures or pains,
but, travels from incarnation to another
awaiting an oneiroin ready to enter the Stream.

For then, the soul-seed is recognized,
as what it truly is, One Finger of the One Self,
Brahman, the Imperishable.

Radha, each Universe begins afresh,
without taint of evil or imperfection.

Radha: Laying her head on Father’s shoulder, she replied, “My confusion is gone, dearest Father. I love you so very much. I hope brother and I can be with you and Mother forever.

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