House of Eternity–A New Upanishad–14

Commentary:  Many people wonder where is the Divine when they need Him/Her?  The problem is not the absence of the God of Your Heart when you are suffering, but ignorance in seeing Him/Her.  The knowledge needed to become enlightened, liberated, or a Rose-Croix is not very much, but the little you can learn must be pretty much.  We can only see what we know, true or false.  If you want to have the Divine Love in your life, you need to start loving something which is not-Ego ASAP. For when Love becomes the center of your Ego’s attention, it will see real love when it shows up.

As I said, you do to need to know everything, just a little of what is most important, Love. And Love hurts some times and so use it for your spiritual growth.

11th Teaching – How To Realize God?

Radha: Father, tell me how I can know that a God radiating love exists?

Father: Precious fruit of your beloved Mother’s Womb, what means for something to ‘exist’ for you?

Radha: Dearest Father, to exist means that I can join my heart and mind so to understand what I am desirous of knowing directly.

Father: Sweet child of my heart and loins, I shall teach thee. The Lesson is named God’s Child.

Sipping, strong black tea,
sweetened with honey’s gift,
I gazed onto the street.

Beyond the fountain spray,
sparkling gems of rainbow hue,
came a small child,
her wee hands held firm,
father and mother at her side,
a difficult birth, cerebral palsy.

Halting for a rest,
father lifted his darling blonde,
onto the worn and wooden bench,
sitting close,
his arm he placed around her side,
to keep her safe and balanced straight.

Who would dare to claim
that human love in not innate?
A blasphemer, an infidel,
an unholy one.

And her mother sat close, aglow with love.

The tears of Angels never lie,
when shall, come we, to see,
that each of us are,
as this little girl,
incomplete and lost
without each others care?

My dear, every moment of my day and night,
I suffer for someone.
God suffers for everyone.
Our One Hope is Love Unconditional.

Radha: I understand Holy Father. The faces of You and Mother are everywhere, for love is everywhere. We just need learn to be present and awake.

Father: Sweetheart, you are young of age in this body, but wise beyond your years in your Heart. Tell your Mother what you learned today and how you will find Our Love Everywhere.

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