House of Eternity (4)

Third Teaching – False Self

Father: Children, the self that you believe yourself to be is a false self for it is transient and mortal. We call this self, the operational self, as it is necessary for existence in the physical and the psychoistic. Hear and learn.

Dear Friend,
I have rushed to your soul’s door,
for my ears are ringing full of desperate cries,
my heart beating in unison with your heart’s deep pain.

What is troubling you so,
what cancer is eating your soul?

Oh, thou kalyananmitta of Mercy,
I am lost and know not where to go,
in my future, I see a dead dog,
in my past, I see a dead dog.

Dear, kalyananmitta of Mercy,
is this truly my fate? Nothing more?

Dear Friend,
such is your sad fate of today! Desire you otherwise?

Dear, kalyananmitta of Mercy,
prescribe to me a bitter draught of the strongest of medications,
cut open my chest and remove this cancer of hopelessness and helplessness,
for I shall pay whatever is required for my cure.

Dear Friend,
you have asked of me to prescribe your cure;
but, first a diagnosis I must give,
like it or not, you must accept its truth.

Dear, kalyananmitta of Mercy,
I beseech you, tell me what I must do,
I swear to honor your insights and recommendations,
for without you, I am truly dead.

Dear Friend,
my diagnosis is sound and my cure simple,
do what I ask,
and you will die as a complete man.

The diagnosis is clear for there is only One:
long ago, when still innocent and afraid,
you saw the world as dangerous,
your future insecure and perhaps short-lived.

In mindless desperation, with untested trustfulness,
you listened to those larger and more powerful,
parents, village elders and priests,
the survivors and soldiers of half-truths.

Once, without immunity to societal beliefs about vain gods,
they too drunk of the elixir of forgetfulness,
perpetually intoxicated with the teachings of the clan,
murderers, rapists, deceivers, gluttons, sinners all became they.

In drunkenness and lusting after cultural identity,
you forfeited personal responsibility and Highest Goodness,
dishonoring yourself at the Altar of Immanent Conscience,
the group-psyche of your elders you took to be your very own.

The cure is clear for there is only One:
swear abstinence forever to the deceiver’s wine,
turn a deaf ear to self-aggrandizing lies,
die consciously so to be reborn as is your birthright.

For neither gods nor demons be,
not today, not yesterday nor tomorrow,
no heavens for the righteous, no hells for the aggressors,
gods and demons are man-made abstractions.

And such admonishment applies equally
to the religions of the ancient world,
the alternatives of this foolish Age,
to the atheistic philosophies of materialism.

So dear Friend,
I give to you a powerful potion,
a bitter-sweet draught of strong medicine
to swallow and digest in your heart of hearts.

But such potent medicines
must be taken with clear intention;
for though neither god nor demon be,
Godness is Alive within This Universe.

For Godness is not idol nor transcendent being,
Godness is the sun-chariot man riding onto his true destiny,
drawn fearlessly by the four golden horses named:
Lovingkindness-for all,
Intending-only that which is wholesome,
Observing-without biasing beliefs,
and Noscere-or pure knowing.

Dear Friend,
meaningful freedom, simple joy, inner peace and secure well-being
come only through relinquishing limiting images of the Sacred Process,
allowing Eternal Goodness to flow unimpeded within your spiritual veins.

Will you drink so to die while in life and not in death?

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