Father: Children of my joy, here is the first teaching. Listen and heed it well.

In the beginning,
the tribes of men were unable to understand
each other as languages were many.

men were in perpetual conflict
over land and women.

So Lord Krishna,
calling upon His bhagavats to goeth forth,
gathering all tribes of humanity
and settling the many as one on the plane of Kurukshetra,
making sure each group had the land and the women needed.

Our Lord gave to each group a bhagavat
learned in their language.

Using such intermediaries,
our Beloved instructed all the adult males and females
to work together in unity
so to build a great stupa to heaven.

Moreover, such stupa was to contain one window
for each adult man and woman.

As the tower grew in height,
so did the comradery of the builders.
And as our Lord commanded, so it was done.

One day, the tower was high enough
and the Lord commanded the bhagavats
to situate each man and woman
behind a window fit to gaze
upon the plain below,
a plain stretching far beyond imagination.

And then, our Beloved Krishna commanded the bhagavats
to write upon clay tablets the visions
that each person described gazing out his or her window.

After such task was accomplished,
the people left the stupa returning to the plain.

The Lord commanded that the clay tablets
were to remain within the stupa,
for in truth it was built to be a grand library.

Then, Lord Krishna commanded
the bhagavats to proclaim to each group,
“Children, by nature you speak different languages
and have different customs
and so you fight with each other.
Our Lord commanded you
to build this great library
and you did as told.

If someday,
you choose to come together
as one grand family
so to be with your Lord,
then, go into the library and read
the many clay tablets residing within.

For by reading and contemplation,
you will see that each person’s view
of the plain of Kurukshetra was mainly illusion,
but all possess a ray of real truth.

If you read and contemplate,
your minds will remove what is false
and retain what is true;
then, you understand the Lord’s plan and wishes.

You shall all speak one language,
the language of the enlightened heart.

Explanation: The true tale of the Library at Kurukshetra moves us beyond the ‘the law of the excluded middle’ and into a more user friendly logic system consistent with the operational rules of neuronal circuits of the brain. In the neuronal-based system, both linear causality and God is

finite, and associative causality is allowed, i.e.,

God is not finite,
God is both finite and not finite,
God is neither finite nor not finite.

Comes X, comes Y,
Goes X, goes Y,
With X is Y,
Without X is without Y.

In modern terms, the Library at Kurukshetra represents the signal-averaging capacity of a normal human central nervous system to process ongoing data so to eliminate random noise, or error. A realized human being is as Brahman, identity-in-difference. What is Divine will understand the Divine.

The ‘take-home message’ being, that no one truly understands how the Unborn manifests so to create a universe, are there just forces and energies, or do divine beings exist, the nature of the afterlife, who reincarnates, and so on. Your only hope is to study as much metaphysics as you can, not believing but with discursive thought, experiment with meditation of all persuasions, and learn how to sort honest misperception from falsehood. Signal averaging is your best plan. God is pretty wise, I would say!

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