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EsoBites: Pitfalls to True Esoteric Growth: Esoteric Phenomenalism (3/3)

As I write today’s post, I have the most unusual feeling that I have written a similar post in another time and place. Most curious. I shall discuss the concept of recurrence one day.

Before discussing the third pitfall, I need to remind you that Existence consists of only two (2) primary worlds, a physical, lower world of corporeal bodies and objects and an aphysical, upper world of God or Creator. No other worlds are fundamental contrary to many inaccurate philosophical systems.

In other words, all physical bodies are relegated to the physical world and remain there without exception. This is the world of living creatures and inanimate objects. Creatures of the physical do not have soul-seeds, but depending upon level can exhibit traits which in humans are known to be associated with Personality.

One needs to understand that the fundamental happening in most stories of Creation is the fertilization of the physical world (the feminine) with Divine Love, Wisdom, and Will (the male) so to form an advanced creature having the intellectual capacity for language and rudimentary awareness of self-existence. This is why Genesis says,

Genesis 2:7 And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.

Once a partially conscious creature exists, an ego, psyche, or Personality forms in the nightly dreams and when sufficiently well-known feels independent of the person’s physical body. Given generations of such dreamtime activity, mankind produced a collective dream world comprised of the dreams of us and our ancestors. Soon, we found ourselves living in a virtual world created by ourselves and perhaps other semiconscious creatures elsewhere. This collective dreamworld is called the intermediate world, the psychic or astral world in which our human Personalities function within. Our physical bodies function in the physical, but we always function mentally in a virtual world reproduced from the physical.

This intermediary world is no more than a shared dreamtime, but, at some common level is experienced as if it were as real and fundamental as the physical world. All of mans’ social problems arise from this false conclusion. Not understanding the illusory nature of the virtual world (most call ‘home’) and the illusory existence of the human Personality, a seeker becomes easy bait for discarnate astral selves and dream creatures.

The third pitfall to true esoteric growth and development is identifying with the astral or empyreal world and its inhabitants. The term ‘identification’ refers to the innate human fault of automatically bequeathing a portion of his or her own ergoegotic energy (egoism) to another person, entity, belief, group, and so on. In other words, by identifying with not-self, we feel as it we bought what we are identified with and so feel ownership. Such merging of our egoism with something external to our Personality is also known as ‘confluence.’

As ones human intellectual center becomes familiar with the astral world, a seeker’s attention is fascinated, stimulated, and captured by the novelty and experiential richness of this psychic world of mindbrain. Especially captivating for a new student is introduction to the varied inhabitants, angels, elementals, gods, satyrs, wise souls, the kesdjan bodies of other dreamers, and djinn. Compared to daily existence the astral world is just more fun.

This world appeals to the evolutionary side of our creature as it appears to be able to provide workable means to address our innate needs for security, nourishment, and sexuality. Moreover, the astral world is one of magical thinking and so makes it appear that magical forces can be harnessed for selfish reasons.

Whether or not magical powers can be realized by interacting with certain creatures inhabiting the astral world, many immature persons believe it is so and so are further enticed into the astral world so to serve as food for the inhabitants.

If you are unsure of what I am relating, then go to any advertized esoteric or occult website and read what is written and promised to those who join. What is generally stressed are skills useful to the human Personality and not to the task of germinating and growing ones Soul-Seed.

Unfortunately, even genuine esoteric and mystical schools acquire their share of persons who desire to practice the mysticism of phenomena or esoteric phenomenalism.

One needs to become intellectually familiar with the dangers of the psychic world so he or she can avoid being trapped by his or her human Personality (which lives in this world). For the true goal and aim of esoteric study is full development of a permanent Soul (having a godly personality or self) and entrance into the Upper World of the Divine. This is the true place for Man for its is a fundamental world and is not imagined.

This can be understood reading Paul, when he said,

1 Corinthians 13:11 When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

So I strongly advise you, dear friend, to keep Divinity as you goal and not to be distracted by the illusory gifts of our self-created intermediate world. For you may be lost and never find your way out of Hell.

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