EsoBites: The ‘Skinny’ On the Master Within

April 23, 2017

Greetings Fratres and Sorors,

I have listened to students discuss the ‘Master Within’ for almost five decades. The explanations are most varied, often based upon unverified, specious theological dogma. It is extremely rare to find a Rosicrucian who has expended much time and conscious effort so to devise internally consistent views which are practical for moving along the mystical path.

So let us begin with discussing a few standard viewpoints:

First, students possessing a natural inclination toward Oriental Theology (all of Asia and India), commonly equate the Master Within to the Unitary Soul-Mind (the Grand ‘I’), who Creates and animates all life forms. Portions of the Living Soul of Atman are hidden within all material life forms and they must mature so to escape the physical, or the illusion of the physical, Maya, and return so to recognize they are Atman. Those of you who have read Plato and the Neoplatonists will notice much similarity between the two theologies.

A reasonable image of the connection between a creature is found in looking at an old cart wheel. The center, or hub, of the wheel is Atman. The spokes leading from the hub and stopping at distinct points upon the rim of the wheel are individual creatures. The rim itself is Maya or physical creation. The place where the spoke touches the hub is the personal sacred image of Atman which is experienced by individuals until full liberation occurs, or moksa.

As moksa takes many thousands of lifetimes to achieve, reincarnation is a universal phenomenon, generally in the form of transmigration from one creature to another depending upon how one lived ones past life. The dogma of Universal Corrective Retribution, or Karma, was created so to explain our grossly deficient and violent human natures. Karma was a method for Brahman to reeducate individuals by mandating payment for selfish and evil actions. This need to refine oneself, so to remove impurities, is catholic in scope.

It is a morally useful theology, but I am quite sure that morality is a human issue and not a Cosmic one. So I accept general cause and effect, as an observable, but is never linear over time.

This Unitary Soul-Mind, or Atman, coexists with the apersonal energies and forces sustaining and forming the Totality of Existence, Brahman. The Master Within accords with the personal Sacred Image of an adherent. Appears as Many, but is just One.

Second, students coming from an Occidental background have been educated to believe that everyone is provided an immortal soul by God which cohabitats the mortal body. The normal theology is to believe that each soul incarnates one time and must use its free choice to choose the wholesome over the unwholesome. After mortal life, one goes to heaven or hell.

In some ways, the traditional Christian view approximates the Atman view, other than the fact the Christian Godhead has three functions. In Christ’s teachings, the Holy Spirit is that portion of the Godhead which is on earth to comfort and sustain individuals.

Subsequently, the western view, even including reincarnation, would say the Master Within is the Holy Spirit, or the Paraclete. The Master Within is One and appears as One.

Third, many Rosicrucians subscribe to a view that the Master Within is perceived, as an individual unique to the student, but much more evolved and knowledgeable. When one asks, about the Master Within most cannot give a very thorough analysis. They may feel it’s presence, believing it to be from his or her own mind, rather than as one of Jung’s archetypes (without knowing of such consciously) entering into his or her mindspace and crossing the threshold into conscious awareness. It is not uncommon to relate the Master Within to angels or higher disembodied beings.

While, the phenomenal, or astral, mindspace is replete with many creatures, as is our physical, any guidance received is not the Master Within. It is simply information provided by the psychic body of another human being, djinn, or other resident.

Four, maintaining due respect for the hypotheses of others, I support the following concept as being (pun intended) the closest to actuality. Everyone who has attended a Chapter or Lodge Convocation has heard the Chaplain recite the Rosicrucian Ontology as the Colombe rises to light the candles on the Shekinah, that the Order considers Being, as the fundamental energy comprising all of Creation and even more.

For the Chaplain teaches, “To Being there has never been a beginning . . . Light is an attribute of Being . . . is always luminous in the radiation of its energy, caused by its ceaseless effort to be . . . The evolving complexity of Being gave rise to density . . .”

So one should ask, “If Being is responsible for matter, life, and mind, how does it differentiate so to be so rich as to form?”

The most appropriate answer would be to stipulate that the material, the phenomenal, and the transrational worlds (body, life, and mind) differentiate parts within by manifesting as unique families of aphysical and aphysical quanta of separated vibrations which form the various material, astral, and transrational bodies.

In other words, any person who has succeeded in attaining sufficient rebirths by conscious evolution [of his or her soul-seed] will begin formulation of an entity, I call True Self. Rather than anthropomorphizing the evolving True I, it is easier to imagine that you are growing and strengthening a pattern within the geometric mesh forming the foundation of Creation.

The True I, your individual frequency spectrum, or pattern, moves from mortal life to mortal life. It moves with the phenomenal body and so will be associated with such kesdjan body for some time after physical death. A kesdjan body joined to one iota of True I will reincarnate. Most people are too lazy to even try.

The True I retains information from your prior lives and is closely connected with Higher Intelligence. It is conscious of itself and the mortal ego awareness. However, the mortal ego awareness, or operational self, is not directly aware of the True I, presuming it possesses such entity. The operational self, when conscious, is solely aware of some of its body, its autobiographical, semantic, and procedural memories, habits and beliefs learned in life and so forth. It knows only the life experiences of its current body, generally.

When we speak of our operational self, we usually call it ‘I’ rather than me. However, the operational self is really the first identifier learned by a baby–me-me-me and mine-mine-mine. We only use the words ‘I’ and ‘me’ to differentiate between who began an action and who received the effects of such action.

This is one reason why the Rosicrucians discourage the use of ‘I’ in normal conversation until you understand the big difference. The ‘me’ is mortal, the True I is moving toward its endpoint of Immortality.

The goal of mystical studies is to have the ‘me-self’ discover and allow the True I to become the Master of the mortal and immortal selves. The True I is the Master Within and evolve with every life.

Take this out for a Sunday drive and you will find eventually that you agree with me.

So Sayeth Michael

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