Conversation with a Rose-Croix (67 )

A Vision for the High Priestess (41.1)

April 5, 2017

After the three were properly positioned, a heavenly Djinn appeared and Gabriel instructed the Djinn to bring the High Priestess from her personal dream world to the Temple. In a few moments, the High Priestess arrived.

Surprisingly, the High Priestess looked around the Temple with much curiosity and awe. When she saw Alliona next to her, she dropped down upon both knees saying, “Mother Demeter . . . it is really you. You are so beautiful and so young looking. I have wished to be with you for as long as I could remember.”

Looking toward Sophie, the High Priestess asked, “Mother Demeter, is this Kore, your most beloved daughter and goddess of the Spring and its flowers?”

Demeter replied, “Yes, child, this is your elder Sister.”

Kore, smiling sweetly, left her chair so to stand next to her mother. She greeted the High Priestess saying, “Hello, Sister. You are welcome here. You are as beautiful as any goddess and still virgin. The handsome man sitting so regally is Phoebus-Apollo. We are all here to see if we can adjust the direction of the Fates’ threads for a future time far removed from here. So we need your help.”

Kore reached down so to lift her up. The Ypsilí Iéreia stood betwixt the two goddesses saying, “I do much midwifery and see you both are with child?”

Demeter brought her hands to her lower abdomen saying, “Yes, child. Kore and I are bearing daughters from our precious Apollo. He has risen in rank above all the Olympians, as he freed himself of all degrading instincts and so befit the station ‘of being a god to mankind.’ He did the same for us, as sun and agriculture have always worked together for the benefit of mankind. So we chose to marry him and be an eternal triad, true and loving to each other. To watch over for mankind’s conscious development and future.”

Gabriel, speaking as Phoebus-Apollo, “Sweet Mistress, named to honor the goddess of the Rainbow, Iris, mankind is in grave danger and we have come from a future time to ask you to help us. We are the only Immortals functioning in the distance future, as guides to mankind. None of us care about being worshiped anymore. Such needs are for children and sociopaths.”

Iris replied, “Yes, Bright Lord, I shall serve you and my patron goddesses in any way you ask. For the life birthed by the Great Mother Gaea is precious beyond all other things and must be protected and matured. I have served in Demeter’s Temple as a priestess for twenty years, since I was a girl of seven. I will serve my patron goddess til the day I die. For it is she, who is my spiritual mother, as Kore is my spiritual sister.”

Phoebus-Apollo replied, “You are a true High Priestess, Iris. I am sure Demeter loves you, as her daughter. What we need is for you inform the High Priest that you were brought to a most ancient temple to speak with Apollo, Demeter, and Kore. Tell him. We will personally officiate in the upcoming five-year cycle of the Mysteries. This celebration is propitious, as it is the ogdoikostí kýklo pénte chrónia (eightieth ‘five-year cycle’) since the Mysteries were first instituted here by the theïkí angeliofóros (divine messenger), Orpheus.

Athens will again be the hegemony of all of Greece, as the world will know that the gods exist and work for the benefit of mankind–contrary to the horrible myths created about some of them.

“Tell the High Priest and the Magistrates of Athens that three foreigners will arrive from a land far to the west of the Pillars of Hercules so to teach the philosophers of Athens the seeds of a future philosophy. They are to be treated as Immortals, for this is what they are.”

The High Priest replied, “I shall do as you have instructed, Divine Apollo. How much of this visit should I relate?”

Phoebus-Apollo answered, “As little as possible, dear Iris. You must say nothing, as to the future or the real reason we visit. As my beautiful wife has told you, you are her child and so this makes you my child. As my child, you shall listen to your father and please him by obeying.

“When, the baby girls are born, we shall fetch you to care for them as an auntie. This is our first gift to you.”

Tears began flowing down her cheeks at such pleasant words. To be brought into a divine family, as a family member was a grand honor and responsibility. She replied, “Father, I will be a true daughter to you, loving and faithful, for as long as I live.”

Kore replied, “Our Beloved can grant you immortality, if he so desires. But, you must study with him when he visits Athens for he loves quick minds and those who quest after truth, honestly and fearlessly. But to become immortal, you will have to desire to conceive a divine girl child, as much as you desire truth. Then, he may give you the seed of immortality. The ethicalness of relationships between the gods and humans cannot be judged by human standards, as the resurrected gods and goddesses are taintless in all matters. ”

“Come, a sweet daughter, let me kiss you goodbye until we meet again. At noon, on a the seventh day of September, you will meet the visitors at the gates of the city facing the harbor. You will know them for they will be dressed as military officers in a chariot.” Demeter kissed Iris lightly upon her lips and then the Djinn returned her astral body to her physical body in the hours before dawn.

Alliona whispered into Sophie’s ear, “Sister, I am glad Lydia brought all her books and ointments to Camelot. We might need them. What do you think, darling?”

Sophie whispered back, “My love, Iris is very pretty and quick. If she can equal us in our skills, then, I would welcome her. The good news is that she is a virgin. I think we would like her very much and she would be another sister to live with. Time will tell, as they say on earth.”


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