EsoBites: The Necessity of the Physical Realm

Awhile back, I believe, I asked a question as to “Why is there a physical realm, if our centers of awareness and experiences are actually realized in the astral realm via the sensitive body, astral body, or kesdjan bodies composed of atonic, or live energies?  Where energy needs to be seen as the ‘capacity to accomplish Work in the system being considered.  What is the purpose of the material world?”

The wording may differ as I do not remember when I asked this question to y’all.  I am hoping it was not a parallel remembrance.  No matter, it is a good question.

First, I am sure many of you spent time with the first question “why . . .” as this appears logical.  Actually, the first question is a ‘red-herring’ given for you to grade yourself as to higher understanding.  If you were able to answer the question, give yourself a ‘C.’  If you tried and gave up without forcing a solution, give yourself a ‘B.’  If you realized quickly that the question cannot be answered for there is no way to verify the solution, give yourself an ‘A.”

“Why, cannot I answer really big why questions.” you might enquire.

The reason being that Big Why Questions require access to information outside of our Universe which is normally impossible as the Universe appears closed to any kind of physical energy–photons or other–as this is how information is transmitted within the universe.  And mental information concerns thoughts and feelings which arise from physical processes, or at least physical processes are involved.

However, not being able to arrive at a final answer does not mean that rational speculation and testing should stop, be such from the psychoisitic or the physical.  These questions are ‘how and what’ questions and are open to scientific  investigation.  When I use the word ‘purpose’ I refer to the inherent functioning of the physical world and its resultant.

Here are my tentative answers as to what Exists, be it physical, aphysical, or something else.

Without explaining the details, it is my opinion that the physical and aphysical worlds coexist and always have–which does not mean the universes are permanent, for they are not.

The point that must be understood is the objects and creatures in the physical give form to the objects and creatures of the aphysical, astral.  I discussed this a long time ago when I introduced the ‘Imago Operators’ of the central nervous system which create the virtual, mental world we are present within.  In other words, dear ones, living creatures organize the atonic, living energies by creating forms which duplicate themselves and their surroundings. This is the source of our sensitive bodies, or astral bodies, arise.  The central nervous systems of creatures forms the sensitive bodies of the astral as an image of themselves, though only humans are aware of this.

The energies and matter of the physical universe are the food source for the creatures to create the astral world which is why sensitive bodies do not exist forever after transition on the astral as they have no way to use energy to maintain form.

So the Work of the physical is to generate the Astral using the atonic energies.  The Work of the Astral is to bring life and feeling to the mental bodies created in the astral by conscious (plus or minus) creatures be reforming the ptahonic energies of mind.  The overall goal being to create a permanent higher being body, or Living, Rational Soul.

Have fun, so sayeth Michael

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