Library at Babel

Frater Michael,

Can you give the origin of this story? I’m researching for myself alternative(non biblical) Tower of Babel stories. Was just curious if it was divinely inspired, creativity, or maybe comes from some Mesopotamia text or somewhere that I could read up on.

Love the story regardless, gives a lot to think about.

Peace Profound!

Fr D

Fr D,

I see you have been to the Tower Library at Babel during your nightly astral excursions.  It is rare that we remember much of such journeys.

You are the very first person asking such a fundamental question.  The story of the story is a lesson in and of itself.

If you have read my narrative posts, you will discover that I interact with a number of worlds in the Astral Realm.  While, we have one physical, there are many astral worlds which function very similarly as the physical as to observational laws.  Many of these worlds are created by story-tellers, oral or written, and others by physical creatures far away from the earth. the Djinn are a great example.

Most spiritually minded persons err by searching upwards into the Astral, Middle World for what happens in the physical–when, as heretical as it will sound, is backwards.  To understand the Astral one must understand the physical and the psychological worlds. For most of the content in the Astral arises from semi-conscious and conscious creatures in the physical.

Informational theory has a concept known as ‘signal-averaging.’  For example, the signals from a part of the brain are of very small voltage and are mixed with electrical noise.  Therefore, to determine the actual signal, a researcher repeats his or her measurements so that the random noise cancels and the true signal is enhanced

On the Astral Plane the Library at Babel is a method of signal averaging of human beliefs.  If we experience many different ideas about a metaphysical subject, all thought to be true by each person, our brain-minds, when trained, can remove the wrong concepts so the leave a more pristine approximation to truth.

Finally, to answer your question, the story was never recorded in Mesopotamia, Egypt, or the Indus Valley civilization which is why you cannot find it.  The story resides in the Upper World (I use a three world model) of Soul (this is a discrete energy just as we have in matter) which is the source for all possible events in our stochastic universe.  All I did was to retrieve it from my higher being body and write it down.  Divinely inspired, most spiritual persons would say this–but, it really is earthly inspired via resonance with the unearthy , so to speak.

What really matters is awakening to existence so not to be asleep in our nocturnal or diurnal ordinary consciousness.  When one has matured a true self, or is seriously working on this project, then he or she reaches a state of mind where direct knowing is possible so that information can be shared.

Take care and BWPP.  Comment if I have confused you unintentionally.

Ciao Michael

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