Esoteric Questions to Ponder-10

Hello, dear Friends of the Light.  I hope everyone is well.  Today’s question is perhaps the most difficult question of all questions–even more difficult than the question, “Is there a God.”

The question is Janus-faced, “How did the physical world arise? What is the most reasonable purpose for the physical world? How do I use the physical world so to gain the most from being within such world?”

The question has never been adequately answered by any philosopher, theologian, poet, or scientist–many have posited answers, but the answers are not really answers.  Examples,

1.  Because God created the Universe–speculation only.

2.  Because God banished Adam and Eve from Eden–speculation only.

3.  Because of the Big Bang–open ended

and so on.

The answer(s) must be new and original to your mind and heart.

Good luck!

So sayeth Michael

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