Dynastic Egypt Mystery Schools-2.6

Eventually, the esoteric student has accumulated sufficient knowledge, experience and confidence in his or her own mental prowess, that he or she has attained to the state of possessing a ‘clear feeling of truthfulness’ about the universe, mankind and the individual existing within the material and spiritual worlds.

There are schools operating in today’s world which are legitimate descendants and current beneficiaries of the wisdom and compassion of the Great School. Such schools understand and closely follow the teaching curriculums of the very first mystery schools, utilizing didactic and practical methods conducive to success in both the mundane and spiritual worlds. These schools often appear to be hidden from the mundane eyes of the world; though this is due more to blindness of the world rather than secrecy upon the part of the schools (though secrecy has been actively utilized during periods of human history where there is severe danger of the teachings being lost or misappropriated for unethical purposes). In spite of the apparent absence of mystery schools in the mundane world, such schools exist, and whenever a prospective student shows an interest and a capability to profit from spiritual study he or she is appropriately guided to a proper source.

Although, it is not common knowledge among those outside the influence of a genuine mystery school, esoteric schools are quite similar in design to worldly schools utilized for the education and socialization of our children. Both school systems use the concept of graduated study such that information taught is within the emotional and intellectual capacity of the average child, becoming more complex and difficult as the student matures in understanding. Moreover, the quality and depth of schools involved with esoteric studies (legitimate or bogus) is arranged in a hierarchy, beginning with traditional religious study groups, New Age practitioners and systems based upon ritual magic (useful for inexperienced soul personalities). The depth of study increases with the formation of philosophically-orientated discussion groups able to understand the allegorical and metaphoric teachings contained within the writings of many of the major religious systems of the past and present. Though these early schools expose students to some legitimate esoteric material, the teachers of these schools are not able to impart any significant esoteric knowledge or experience to their students. At best these schools are but stepping stones leading to the portals of a higher school.

As we progress upward in our esoteric hierarchy, we will come to schools which were once in contact with representatives of the Great School, but have lost contact over the years due to losses of qualified teachers capable of continuing the high level of spiritual understanding and experience required of a mystery school. Often times the existing members of these groups are able to maintain a sufficiently detailed ‘core of esoteric knowledge’ which is quite helpful for attracting and serving the needs of some students.

More often than you might think, mystery school instruction tends to be focused more upon the needs of its new probationers rather than upon the needs of the most advanced who require instruction by teachers of very high level (always in short supply). If the primary teachers of the school are not careful, the efforts applied for assuring accurate and correct preservation and transmission of its didactic and theoretical teachings will result in the permanent lose of the mystical side of its’ teachings (qualified teachers go through transition prior to final instruction of the most advanced students). By losing this side of its teachings, it loses it status as a legitimate mystery school. However, all is not lost as long as the school makes a concerted decision to continue preserving and transmitting its esoteric, objective knowledge, in the exact form taught by its last great teacher. If their teachings are kept pristine, without any changes being made by later teachers, an Initiate who is attracted into the school can utilize the didactic information and his or her intuition to reconstruct the mystical side of the original teachings and reenter the school into the fold of genuine mystery schools.

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