Real Knowledge and Esoteric Schools-5

Question 4: How do I know I have made contact with a genuine Teacher? Are there levels of instruction or levels of Teachers?

Answer 4: Establishing contact with a genuine Teacher of an exoteric school sponsored by the Great School is dependent upon many factors. For example, the place of birth or upbringing may or may not be conducive to locating a compatible school; inappropriate spiritual training after birth may serve to neutralize the magnetic center carried over from a prior birth; contacting a false school may cause unnecessary hardships to occur and terminate further searches for enlightenment and so on. As the Russian Teacher Gurdjieff was fond of saying, “being lucky helps.”

Potential seekers should remember that the levels of the school they are attracted toward will depend upon their intentionality, sincerity and ability to apply effort toward embarking upon the path of conscious evolution. Early students should only expect to contact early schools; one must graduate primary school before attempting secondary school or university. However, I can assure you that if you study with full intent, further opportunities for study and service will ‘miraculously’ be presented at the proper time and place.

After contacting a school and applying for admittance, it is critical that you observe how the school and its teachers operate. Observe and ask questions continuously: Does the school seem to benefit only a few people? Are you promised wealth, happiness and success without the necessity for super-efforts on your part? Will moneys buy you health, happiness and enlightenment? Who are members of the school? Are they people you would expect to see in an exoteric school? Does the school desire to attract celebrities so to help the school attract media idolators? Does the school sell products carrying claims of having lifesaving properties, such as special waters, amulets and books?
The answers to these and similar questions will be appropriate whenever you are involved with a genuine exoteric school. Observe the Teacher, for the actions of the Teacher are the windows to the soul of the school.

Question 5: Does the Great School endorse any particular religion or social order?

Answer 5: The Initiates of the Great School and its exoteric offshoots do not today, nor have they ever did so in the past, endorsed any particular religion or social order. The Work of the Great School has nothing to do with the goals or activities of professed religions, except in so far as the teachings of such organizations aid in the general and personal welfare of mankind. No legitimate exoteric school has ever directly involved itself in the furtherance of any revolutionary political or religious matter. The earthly brotherhood of legitimate exoteric schools is not religious in nature nor intent and is not a cult. The only indirect involvements permitted by the Initiates of the Great School in the mundane affairs of the world are in situations of drastic proportions when it becomes necessary to act so to prevent the complete destruction of the human race through self-inflicted wars and persecutions.

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