Real Knowledge and Esoteric Schools-1

Real Knowledge and Esoteric Schools

Today’s lesson is the first of a series discussing metaphysics, mysticism and esoteric schools from the perspective of a conscious being, that is, an awakened or enlightened man or woman of the species, Homo sapiens. Consequently, do not be surprised if what you hear differs significantly from points of view taught in academia or in the New Age Movement. Frequently, information given by sources in these two areas is either incomplete (academia) or meaningless dribble (New Age Movement).

The information given today concerns the possible furtherance of your mental, emotional and spiritual awareness. An awareness which becomes consciously and purposely directed. An evolutionary path which is far beyond the mechanicalness and automaticity of Darwinian evolution. The reason we are breaching and addressing this most sacred subject is several-fold.

Firstly, as a group, humanity has attained to material prosperity wherein exists sufficient health, wealth, desire and opportunity for serious inquiry into the perennial philosophy or calling, subjects matter concerning questions such as: Does the Universe operate with purpose? Does purpose arise out of Existence itself or was it ordained even before the birth of our Universe? What is the purpose of life? What is my personal purpose? Is life more than just materiality?

These and similar questions were asked during occasional moments of existential and material despair by our ancestors with quick answers being provided by the kings and priests so to maintain localized power and control. Only rarely did these questions and the need to find proper answers consume the lives of ancient mankind. For most persons, the importance of asking, and then, searching for the knowledge to answer these questions did not exist, and mankind as a group remained within the mundane world of mechanical evolution. Fortunately, some individuals learned how to ask the correct questions, questions which could be answered employing existing methods of logical and intuitive inquiry. Moreover, these individuals discovered the secrets of conscious evolution and how to assure that their individuality would survive physical death and be able to experience another life upon this earth or other equivalent celestial orb. The knowledge uncovered by these original students and teachers has generally remained hidden for the past 40,000 years from peoples of the mundane world, appearing only to those with eyes to see, ears to hear, and minds to receive and integrate. Such knowledge arose with the birth of human language and the capacity for episodic memory.

As the number of conscious beings increased, their numbers became sufficient so to assure physical contact with each other during earthly incarnation, such contact providing profitable opportunities for information exchange, theoretical and pragmatic. Eventually, the personal and shared knowledge and experience of these students and teachers grew and matured until a critical mass of knowledge arose sufficient for uncovering even the most hidden of nature’s secrets. These seekers found the answers to the questions they had asked and reached the state of permanence and immortality. They learned that:

“The birth of permanent liberation from the mechanical world
requires the death of the cultural and linguistic self.
The death of this self, in loving-kindness done, unfolds solely through Awakening within the Limitless and Unborn.”

Having finally penetrated the secret door to the “God of Our Hearts,” to use an early term, these seekers saw the possibilities inherent within mankind for the establishment of a living, conscious Universe; possibilities prepared through the evolutionary experiments of Nature Herself. Consequently, they joined together founding an esoteric school dedicated to attaining and fulfilling man’s ultimate and potential destiny.

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