Conversation with a Rose-Croix (66 )

A Vision for the High Priestess (41)

February 5, 2017

After a fine dinner prepared by Eleanor’s beloved Kitchen Grannies, Sophie, Alliona, and Gabriel retreated to the meditation room of Merlin’s Crystal Cave so to appear to the High Priestess in Eleusis.

Gabriel said, “Darlings, I realize that Merlin and Lydia could not do much as to returning your physical appearances to your previous ages, but I am delighted that they advanced your personas five years. It was interesting dealing with fifteen year olds, but we do require more maturity for the work ahead.”

Alliona replied, “But, I am sure you had no complaints as to some of the other effects, right?”

“No, darlings, I am glad you found Lydia’s potion book. Everything you did was out of love for me. I think it was a real present and shall always appreciate it.”

After getting comfortable, each one followed the same procedure taught to Sophie in Damascus so to withdraw his or her higher consciousness, more properly identified as the noumenal, from the physical Kli. Gabriel transported them to the veiled First Temple of the Ancient Ones.

In a short moment, all were standing at the doorway to the Temple built into a granite hill. Gabriel began, “This is the First Temple of All Temples constructed so to be the Source of all future physical universes. It is here that the Unfathomable created the Pool of the Deep Magick–a pool from which all Magick flows outward–be it white or black. What seems to be and feel like water is liquid Magick? Come, we have little time and much to learn.”

Sophie and Alliona followed Gabriel into the Temple. The Temple was essentially bare of furniture or accouterments. The Temple interior was bathed in a soft light, but the source was not visible. In the very center of the Temple, surrounded by flat stones was a pool of living water. As they approached the pool, it seemed that it produced barely audible melodies without words.

Gabriel continued, “This Temple built to honor the Unfathomable Source, the Most Ancient of Ancients, Father of the First Born, and so on. The Temple was constructed shortly after the Birth of Time, relatively speaking, during the era of the corporealization of the Angelic Hosts. For these Angels were the parents of the Elfin Race.

This Temple sits upon a steep cliff high above the Northern Sea, a cliff clothed in purple-green grasses and large feldspar stones. The grass waves in the wind day and night. Very few creatures know of this Temple and even fewer know where it is located. For to common eyes it is forever invisible.

Sophie asked, “Is the Temple in a dream world or in a physical world?”

Gabriel replied, “Sophie, the Temple was built in the first physical world for the Elves had come into physical bodies. But, the location of this First Temple was hidden during the Dark Time so no evil could defile its Holiness nor misuse its Power. For this Temple was built around the very spot where the Unfathomable gave Magick to the First Ones. Magick they were to use to recreate more worlds filled with Light, Life, and Love. For the First Ones are the creators of all subsequent physical universes . . . possessing intelligent creatures.

“The First World exists in Eternity and not in Time. All universes come and go, but, these world remains for it do not exist in the usual sense. Rather, it forms the first point of a dimensionless Triangle . . . the Pole of Making. The City of the Prince and Princess forms the second point . . . the Pole of Unconditional Love. The third point carries the Five Fingers of the Unfathomable, the 5 Eternal Qualia. Together, these Three Poles form the functional physical universes, including, yours.

“You will notice that three simple, stone chairs are arranged around the pool so to occupy the South, East, and West cardinal poles of the compass. I will sit in the South chair, Sophie will sit in the West Chair, and Alliona in the East Chair. The North pole is vacant of a chair and will be where our dear High Priestess will stand.

“When the High Priestesses’ kesdjan body is brought into this Temple, she will see the three of us sitting in our chairs. Sophie is to play the part of Kore, Demeter’s daughter, Alliona will be Demeter, and I shall be Phoebus-Apollo. This triad will not be questioned as the growth of all living things requires the light and warmth of the sun, the rich soil of Mother Gaea, and the tender care of the goddesses of agriculture and spring. Moreover, the relationship among the three was never inharmonious.”

Sophie interrupted Gabriel, “Honey, how will Alliona and I know what to tell the High Priestess, as to your, let us say, change the present moment drama?”

Gabriel responded, “Worry not, my precious wives. You will find that the proper words will be said when required. But, I do encourage paying close attention to the information automatically being spoken and from what source?”

Gabriel repeated a short phrase in Enochian and all three were dressed in attire appropriate to 4th century BCE Athens. Gabriel and Sophie took their seats about the living water pool and Alliona should on the enneagram tiled into the floor at the northern point of the compass.

Gabriel spoke to Alliona, “Honey, remember you are the goddess Demeter. When the High Priestess arrives she will be naturally afraid and so take her hand and tell her, “Spiritual daughter of my daughter, Despoina, first High Priestess of my temples, fear not. It is I, your mother Demeter answering your deepest wishes. Come into my arms, my child.

“After she is calmed, you will take your seat in the East and I shall begin to speak to her. Understand?”

Alliona replied, “Of course, I understand. I only look fifteen, I do not act fifteen anymore,” sticking out her tongue.

Gabriel smiled thinking to himself, “I had hoped for more a rapid response. Tincture of time, no doubt.”


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