Conversations with a Rose-Croix (54)

Djinn Metatheology (38.1)

January 20

Merlin and Morgana discussed, amongst themselves, how best to run the introductory course in magick for Sophie and Alliona. In a few minutes, Merlin answered, “Lydia, it is best for us to run sessions from breakfast to lunch and after dinner to bedtime. It is important that Sophie and Alliona rest between the morning and evening sessions so to allow the lessons to consolidate within their physical and kesdjan neural systems. So we think that you can teach between 15:00 and 18:00 hr. OK?”

Lydia throwing Merlin a kiss said, “Perfect. As it is now 1500 hr, I propose to begin the first lessons. OK?”

Morgana nodded in agreement. She called Astraceae saying, “Grannie, will you please be so kind to bring some snacks to the Library for all of us have missed lunch. I am going to bring Eleanor. She is young, but very impressionable and will not forget.”

Morgana left to return with Eleanor. When everyone was ready, Lydia began, “When I was on Earth with Gabriel, he asked me to study comparative religion, with special emphasis upon the three ‘Religions of the Book.” We were on Earth for five years, providing sufficient time for me to complete a doctoral program in Comparative Religion. I think you will better appreciate the subtleties of Djinn Metatheology and Spiritual Practices when they are contrasted with the theologies of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

“The first significant difference is that the Djinn never compiled a physical book of scriptures. We have no Old Testament, New Testament, or Quran to puzzle over wondering whether or not the words are truly those of the Holy Family. Instead, our original Holy Scriptures were directly and indelibly impressed upon the conjoint Djinn Meta-Consciousness, as astral information, or astral engrams. The syntax and semantics of our astral engrams cannot be changed by any entity outside of the Holy Family. As every Djinn of responsible age can read our Holy Canon, none can argue or distort its Sacred Content and Intentions for our race.

“During our evolutionary history in our original universe, our race was able to avoid religious wars. As everyone had automatic access to our Holy Canon, the Teachings of the Holy Family could never be usurped for political exploitation or utilized to destroy life under that subterfuge of egotizing Holy Words. The Teachings of the Holy Family have remained Pristine and Applicable as to employing Wisdom so to maximize Altruistic Love.

“The language utilized in the Old Testament, Hebrew, was not indigenous to Earth, but was taught to one group of Semitic peoples by messenger Djinn. Such transmission occurring long after the Great Djinn War. This is why you will find much similarity between our Holy Canon and the Hebrew Old Testament, as to language structure. The major differences being that we have always utilized letters for vowels, worked in base ten, and never needed to assign numerical values to the letters. Doing such leads too much misinformation.

“The Original Author of our Holy Canon was Ariel’s Divine Brother, Mikael, Baal Eyt. The meaning of Baal Eyt is ‘Lord of the Appointed Time.’ In Sophie’s world, He is known in the English Christian literature, as Christ, the Anointed One, or Jesus – Yeshua. As His Teachings could not be inscribed upon the unruly and chaotic conjoint mind of mankind, they had to be recorded onto parchment or papyrus paper by his immediate and latter apostles. Such records can be presumed to honest renditions from memory, but some variation is to be expected secondary to the faults of human recall, particularly confabulations, and later scrivener errors. Such variation is easily observed in one reads the Synoptic Gospels.

“So to understand the True Teachings of Yeshua, one needs to study carefully the earliest compilations of His Teachings and Spiritual Practices. Modern scholars believe that the ‘Lost Sayings Gospel Q,’ the ‘Signs Gospels,’ and the ‘Passion Narrative,’ likely predate the Synoptic Gospels and should be read in unison with the four Synoptic Gospels, the Gospel of Thomas, and the Didache. The actual Teachings of the Christ, Himself, are consistent with those given to the Djinn, but for us there was no Crucifixion or Resurrection, as the Djinn did not interfere in his Holy Mission.

“Having been present in the time of the Christ, and with knowledge of His Mission, our Gabriel has informed us that the Crucifixion was an unseen possibility. Christ was meant to enlighten the Jews, not be murdered by them. Paul appeared so to find a solution so to continue the development of Christian Thought.


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