Conversations with a Rose-Croix

Onto a New Adventure (37)

January 17

Great Granny Lydia arrived in the kitchen after a nice rest. She poured herself some tea and sat by Alliona and Sophie. She asked, “ Would you like to learn some potion magick, my sweeties? I understand Morgana is a sorceress already. The only magick allowed in our land is potions, not withstanding Gabriel’s shenanigans yesterday,” smiling at Gabriel.

Gabriel good-naturally replied, “I need to thank you for renewing my wives, Lydia. It is interesting and pleasant,” glancing at Sophie and Alliona.

“So what new adventures are you going to take my two granddaughters on next, Gabriel,” asked Lydia, “I do hope I can spend some time with them?”

“I am afraid not, dear Lydia. They begin their magick training tomorrow. They are going to return with Morgana and Merlin to Camelot and begin introductory magick. Tristan and I need to go to Nouseum for some business,” answered Gabriel.

Sophie and Alliona perked up when they heard ‘training in magick,’ but they did not want to be separated from Gabriel. Alliona said, “Husband, Sophie and I wanted a honeymoon with you. Sophie told me at after a couple marries on earth they take a romantic trip somewhere nice. Right Sophie?”

Sophie added, “You don’t want to disappoint your sexy wives, do you, honey?”

Gabriel replied, “I understand your disappointment, but you now must learn to behave as Immortals. Not to mention, follow the requests of your most considerate husband. Anyway, whether I am in Nouseum or Hell, I will be with you in your dreams and they shall be as real as they are now.

“I already have a most interesting honeymoon for us to enjoy. Be patient and learn as much magick as you can. After Morgana and Merlin finish with you, Tristan will teach Morgana, Merlin, and you the Forbidden Magick of the First Ones. Afterwards, I will teach you even deeper Magick, even older than the Elves.”

Alliona turned to her Sophie saying, “I think it will be alright. We do need to keep our babies safe, right?” Sophie nodded yes.

“Then, it is settled,” stated Gabriel, “tomorrow we travel to Camelot. The next day Tristan and I are off to Nouseum. Don’t worry, we are only gone for a few weeks and then, you shall have your honeymoon.”

TO BE CONTINUED (I am flying so short post today)

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