Twelve Thoughts For Old Christmas

Dear Friends, it is Orthodox Christmas Eve and so I offer 12 Thoughts For Christmas which I have followed for many years.  Perhaps, some have another personal list?

1.  The Holy Family is ever generous in Love, but most creatures are too foolish to accept such Love.

2.  One prejudicial belief, regardless of size, is sufficient to block out Divine Love.

3.  Every act of unselfish altruism contains a spark of the Highest Love.

4.  Perfected love is not defined by a socioreligious code, but by the kindness of words, the softness of a touch, and the sharing of self with another.

5.  It is difficult not to judge another, but one need not behave toward him with evil intent.

6.  Lovingkindness is meant to be shared with others, regardless of gender or religious belief.

7.  One needs not seek Perfection, but one needs to learn the habit of lovingkindness.

8.  Negative persons are like leaks in a ship’s hull, given enough time, one is sufficient to sink the ship.

9.  The most dangerous Egoism is to believe that ones inner thoughts and feelings resonate with the Holy Family rather than base humanism.

10.  If you cannot perceive perfected love in others, you will never experience such for yourself.

11.  Your inner thoughts and feelings are not Divine because you imagine them so.  First, make sure they are authentic.

12.  If the Holy Family has given you the Gift of Suffering for Others, do it now and then, but gingerly.

Blessings, Gabriel, Sophie, and Alliona

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