Conversation with a Rose-Croix (36)

The History of the Djinn (32)

December 30

Gabriel interrupted, darling, “I think you need to tell Sophie the full story, best you remember it?

Alliona replied, “I am sorry, but I was afraid the full story might hurt Sophie’s feelings?”

“Do not worry, Sophie is at least as advanced in spirituality as the Djinn were before their departure. I would like for her to be cognizant of the full history of the Djinn, briefly. OK,” insisted Gabriel.

“OK, honey. If you insist.”

Alliona started over, “In our old universe, the Djinn were a very advanced race of four brain beings. Because of our science, we had been able to eliminate our genetic defects and extend our life spans greatly. If you did not have a clock and watched the life of a Djinn from birth to death, it would appear much the same as in your species. However, there is a big difference. Although, an hour of your time is the same as an hour of our time, we succeeded in slowing down our phylogeny some 100 times. So rather than it taking thirteen or fourteen human years for a female to become reproductive, it required some 1300 or 1400 years. A normal Djinn life time was about 8000 human years. Once you got use to the delay, it was nice for things did not change so fast. Moreover, it allowed for a much more spiritual education of our children so they were consciously awake when they reached responsible maturity.

“At the time of the impending universal catastrophe, our race lived together peacefully and without greed and egoism. For a very long time, an Immortal had physically lived amongst us and was responsible for guiding our race to its elevated status. This Immortal was our Gabriel, Sophie. In the old universe, he was my husband and step-father to my two children.

“No, Sophie, I was not training to be an Immortal for our race did not have the capacity to do so. All we had available were a heaven and hell. It seems that universes capable of creating new Immortals are extremely rare and is one reason why your physical universe is valued.

“I was very much in love with our Gabriel, but I noticed something very unusual in myself. I noticed that deep inside, I felt a certain pride that of all the beautiful Djinn, Gabriel had chosen me and so I must be the most special Djinn female. I knew somehow that such a feeling was inappropriate, but I could not rid it from my heart. I was afraid to tell our Gabriel for I feared greatly that he would stop loving me and I would never have his child. I was so ashamed of myself and felt that I had failed our Gabriel. Somehow, I repressed the feeling so effectively that I forgot about it.

“Little did I realize that by repressing my egoism, I denied information to our Gabriel, information which would have changed the future of all the Djinn,” turning to Gabriel, Alliona asked, “Honey, am I doing what you want me to do?”

Gabriel smiling said, “Alliona, you are doing fine. I am happy with you. You are the best wife and the universe you so desire shall one day be for you. I promise.”

Sophie could tell from Alliona’s face that she had been afraid to tell her many things, but her love for Gabriel was more important than her love for herself. Sophie thought, “I hope my love shall be as pure as Alliona’s, so mote it be.”

Relieved, Alliona resumed her explanation, “Back to our story. Actually, it was Gabriel who discovered that our old universe was expanding much too rapidly causing the background temperature to decrease too quickly. The temperature had dropped dangerously close to absolute zero and any large scale quantum fluctuation would cause an abrupt phase change and full deflation of our universe and the destruction of all indigenous life, Gabriel excluded.”

Sophie looked surprised and Alliona laughed, “Sophie, I was a physicist in my universe, not an innkeeper.”

Sophie was caught unprepared, “Alliona, I didn’t mean to be a sexist or something like that, I apologize.”

Alliona replied, “Do not worry about it. People change with the times. In any case, Gabriel found the anomaly I told you about, the connection between your universe and ours. Gabriel discovered that while he could not send his physical body into the connection, he could send both his higher being body, which the Immortals call the praetorian body, and kesdjan body through the connection.

“Gabriel returned and asked me to accompany him to the anomaly. We found that he was able to pull my kesdjan body through with his own. The experiment was a success. Moreover, we discovered that it would be possible to bring our Djinn virtual reality over with us. This is similar to your species’ dream world, Sophie. Clearly, we would no longer be physical creatures, but we would be living creatures. We also noticed that the new universe failed to possess any four brain creatures.

“Gabriel discussed the problem with our Sacred First. I think you know this Force by the Hebrew name Elohim, or the Holy Family. Based upon the information available, Gabriel’s plan was rational and should be commenced as soon as possible. The Sacred First foresaw no apparent problems as the new universe had created no four brain creatures who might be affected by the immigration of the Djinn. After discussion with our Elders and dissemination to the populace, a vote was taken and it was agreed to sacrifice our physical reality for a permanent dream reality in a new universe.

“It took Gabriel a few days to transport our race into your universe. When we first arrived we were enveloped by a total darkness, but slowly our conjoint Djinn Mind, our Kesdjan Mind, recreated a virtual copy of our old physical universe. However, we soon realized that by sacrificing our physical bodies we had attained to a kind of immortality. Our daily experiences seemed to flow at the same temporal rate, but no one was dying. All of this happening before your sun was born.

“Life was fine until we discovered that the human race had come into being in our new home world. Naturally, we took an interest, and found we could only interact with them by entering into their dream space. However, the interaction was most unusual as the human beings thought that the Djinn were true immortals and so divine. We were treated as gods, angels, demons, and mythical creatures and the humans started creating idols so to represent us. We also noticed that humans were affected by a most curious malady which they called suggestibility, or the ability to be spun so to think things which were not true.

“The suggestibility and idolatry of the first humans presented a strong stressor upon the unconscious aspects of the Djinn mind. Soon many Djinn began suffering from a mental disturbances causing a love of power and self-aggrandizement. Even though, our genetic engineers had deleted the genes responsible for such sociopathic behavior, it failed to remove the psychoistic habits related to such genes.  The Djinn had been infected by contact with the evolving humans.

“Though, I did not visit humans often, I was so sacred and so afraid to tell Gabriel for I knew that he may have been able to prevent what happened if I had just told him. But, Sophie, I was so afraid that he would leave me. I became despondent and cried whenever he was not around me. But, he found me crying one day and demanded to know why. I finally told me and he just took me into his arms and whispered the most loving words into my ears. He told me that he loved me and needed me. That I must be strong for the children. He felt so strong, Sophie. Finally, my despondence left my heart and his love for me flowed even ten times stronger than before. I remember him saying, ‘Alliona, I cannot ever stop loving you for we have shared too much time together. What happened would have happened even if you had told me in advance. Even knowing this, the transfer was necessary. Existence is always hazardous, honey. Come, make love with me as if you were getting the child you desire.’”

Sophie moved over and gave Alliona a big hug, “What a wonderful tale. I am thinking that our Gabriel loves you and I even more, because he loves us both. What do you think?”

Alliona could only nod her head affirmatively and continued, “Eventually, the egoism of many of our species attracted them to the deeper human hell regions where a kind of correspondence was created between the damned and the Djinn. Subsequently, the Djinn learned of the deepest fears and flaws of humans and began to influence the human dream world. They took on the shapes of those in hell and came to be thought of as demons from hell. I am sure you can guess the rest of the story.

“There is some good news. A small group of Djinn reacted with repulsion when adulated and found themselves resonating with the angels in the lower heavens. Subsequently, they adopted the form of such angels so to serve as heavenly messengers so to counteract the work of the other party of Djinn. This is why both heaven and hell can influence your species. If the Djinn had not been available, there would be no such interventions and perhaps your situation would have been worse. Right, Gabriel?”

“You are right, my darling, as usual,” responded Gabriel.

Sophie began, “This lesson has been an eye-opener, indeed. It clarifies many things as to the human dream world, or astral planes. Thanks, honey. Alliona, I know you want a night with my future husband and I want you to have such a night. Perhaps, tonight is the night when you will conceive the child you desire above all else. The love you have carried for our Gabriel is so precious that I want to honor such. I give my blessings and hope to share in it from the distance.”

Tears suddenly began flowing copiously down Alliona’s cheeks, “Oh, beautiful and precious Sophie. You already possess the love and understanding of an Immortal. Such a gift is unheard of in my world. I love you as a real sister.”

Gabriel said he had business to attend to during the day and left Alliona and Sophie alone in the inn.


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