Conversation with a Rose-Croix (33)

The Law of the Higher Tetrad (29)

December 27, 2016

Gabriel continued, “The Law of the Trinity is simply an operational cut of the underlying, Superior Law of the Tetrad. As I mentioned previously, Creation is only possible by restriction of a portion of the Infinite so to create a transfinite phase space. When I speak of the Law of the Tetrad, I am discussing concepts most difficult for normal human reasoning. It must be understood by the higher rationality available through the Noble Organ. But, here goes.

“Imagine a bipyramid in your mindspace. Label the uppermost point, the Unfathomable, and the lowermost point the Unmanifested Holy Spirit. Place the following upon each of the four horizontal points of the bipyramid, Father, Mother, Daughter, and Son. These four points representing the true Holy Family, denoted in the Old Testament by the plural term ‘Elohim.’ This is the reason God and the Elohim are mentioned in Bereshis 1:27, though with some confusion.

“The Holy Family represents the four divisions of the Divine manifested as the Elohim. The Unfathomable and the Divine Family are aeternum et omnipraesens. The Elohim are not God the Absolute, but are a fourfold division of God’s Will. This pyramid can be pictured outside of Creation. Using terms from the Kabbalah, Kether can be considered the spacetime beginning point through which the Elohim manifests our universe via the Spirit of God, or the Holy Ghost.

“Sophie, I think you can understand why the less informed writers of early religious texts, Christian and Egyptian, saw God as tripartite rather than tetrapartite. For the Law of the Tetrad is complete outside of Creation and not within Creation, wherein the Law of the Trinity rules. I do need to tell you that the Tetrad does appear in the Kabbalah as the Tree of Life is divided into Four Worlds. So sufficient hints have been available for some time, honey.

“The most conspicuous evidence of the Holy Family is found in the near universal preference of nuclear families in the earliest humans groups and later civilizations. Such gender-balanced arrangements were an evolutionary necessity for our species and remain the most efficient family group for a viable society.

“The Gurdjieff Law of Three and Seven are seen in the descending heptatonic musical scale, that is, seven distinct notes to an Octave. Hidden within this scale is the melodious Fifth. The descending Perfect Fifth ends on the Note F, if the octave begins with C. There are four intervals in the ascending Fifth, do-si, si-la, la-sol, and sol-fa symbolizing the Divine Tetrad. The Law of Three is recovered as the melodious descending Fourth which begins on the Note F and concludes the descending Octave with lower C. The Fourth contains the three intervals fa-mi, mi-re, re-do. The descending scale is typical of most ancient music which saw Creation moving from a higher to a lower frequency, refined to gross, or light to heavy,” finished Gabriel.

“Wow. You just blew my mind overturning everything I was taught in my Christian upbringing. You were correct, Gabriel, I am sure I do not understand what I was just told. But, the idea that the Divine Form of the Elohim is as a Holy Family is fantastic. For if we are created in the likeness of the Elohim, then so must the human family. It is an error to portray the Divine Form without both male and female gender. I think you are correct Gabriel, the Church Fathers of the 4th and 5th centuries were biased against females and so what they created is blasphemous,” said Sophie.

Gabriel responded, “I do not know if the Church error will be corrected before Ariel arrives. She is humanity’s last hope, honey. She will be a sweet child, but a full-grown Warrior and will carry a Flaming Sword if need be. It is not Christ who returns for the final battle for mankind, but the Lioness Herself. I will tell you more, later. Now, we travel. Take my hand, Love. We are off for more adventure.”


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