Conversation with a Rose-Croix (31)

Good and Evil (27)–The Law of the Trinity

December 24

Sophie felt a question coming into her mind and asked, “Gabriel, what is different between those who connect with God during life, so to live under the dictates of true Conscience, and those who turn the inner heart away from God and toward Mammon or Satan?”

Gabriel answered, “The ones activating the soul-seed within have discovered that its normal function is to be a vessel to be filled with Love and Wisdom so to accomplish salutary works. Generally, this discovery is the result of experiencing psychological conflict as to ones ethical behaviors. Society recommends one way, but something inside tells us that society is incorrect. This capacity is an attribute of wisdom, particularly, the ability to discern the true from the false, the higher good from the lower good, and altruism from selfism. In other words, such persons possess significant discernment and utilize such so to guide them in life.

“Those who ignore the existence of the soul-seed will live as an intelligent animal. If they are extremely self-centered and greedy the soul-seed withers away and they cannot contact the Divine and so are bound to hell. The more injurious, the deeper in hell they go. You saw two examples in our recent journeys to hell. Do you understand, my dear?”

Sophie replied, “Yes. I understand. I think you were going to teach me about the Great Black Lodge some time back, but never got around to it? Is this a good time, honey?”

“True, I did begin to tell you about the Great Black Lodge, but I was distracted by a much more important matter.”

“What kind of important matter,” asked Sophie?

Sophie saw Gabriel blush and turn his eyes away for a moment. Gabriel said, “Well, Sophie. The important matter was you and I! I suddenly realized that you were in love with me and I felt the same toward you. I was surprised, as I had not been in a human body for some time and so did not recognize the feeling. Once I was open to the feeling, I realized something special had occurred on a very high level. I knew that you must become a member of the Society, as a great work was being planned. I also realized that if you were accepted as a member, you and I would bring into this world the sister of Lord Jesus. Voila. So much for keeping secrets, and to think, I am a Scorpio.”

Sophie was speechless for once in her life. At last, with tears streaming down her cheeks, she said, “Oh, Gabriel. I understand why I must become a soror in the Society. For such a venture, the parents would have to be Immortals. Jesus’ parents, Mary and Joseph, were Immortals. The New Testament is unmeasurably richer than the scholars believe. Am I correct, my husband?”

Gabriel said, “Correct.”

Sophie continued, “I call you husband, Gabriel, for I know we have been married, but I had forgotten. You have been my earthly husband many times in the past. I can feel the love and kindness, given to me by you for so many lives. I know that you have been with me so to prepare me for initiation into the Society. Oh, my darling husband, I owe everything to you. So many times, I know I was unpleasant to you, spiteful, stubborn, and hurtful. But, every life you returned to care and teach me. I know you will give all the credit to God, but I think God will give you some credit also. Oh, Husband, I love you much that I am afraid my heart will burst for joy.”

Gabriel was most pleased, “Wonderful, sweetheart. Your channel to the Noble Organ is very open, as you have accessed the surface layers of the Akashic Records. Yes, we have been married many times and produced many children–though, none were able to enter the Third Path. You were quite the shrew in some of your lives, and I must admit, I often felt that I should leave you. But, the love of an Immortal is too pure to be diminished by poor behavior. It is nice to hear, after so many centuries, that I am appreciated by my Sophie.”

Sophie playfully struck Gabriel on his right upper arm, saying, “Well, you could be troublesome too. Admit it. You did not like it when I was overweight. Admit it.”

Gabriel replied, “My preference for thin women seems to be a permanent trait of my being. I will explain later, but it had nothing to do with the depth of my love for you. When you are ready to hear an explanation of the Third Path, you will understand the difference between those in heaven and hell and the Immortals. Moreover, once you understand the Third Path and our Society, which many call the Great White Lodge, you will be ready to hear of the Great Black Lodge.

“For the moment, I need to provide more information, as to the Law of the Trinity. First, do not get hung up on the various terms I use when speaking of the Law of the Trinity. The particular names are ones which I feel are most descriptive of the operation of the Law in a situation. Second, it is useful to remember that Kether always represents the place of the Intending Force, Chokhmah is the place holder for the Receiving Force, and Binah is the place holder for the Conciliating Force. This never changes. What changes is the nature of the force or entity occupying a particular Sephiroth.

“For instance, sweetheart, let’s consider the triad comprising yourself, our future baby, and myself. Males are biologically more assertive than females and occupy Kether; females are more nurturing and gentle and occupy Chokhmah; and the birth of a baby conciliates the male and female principles. We can assign numerals to the elements of the triad above so to represent the flow of energies. We can say that energy flows from (1) to (2) to (3) so the triad is named ‘1-2-3.’

“The ‘1-2-3′ triad above is found in the sexual act of reproduction for the male desires to give his seed to the female so to produce a child. This triad is called, Involution or Outpouring.

“For the ‘2-1-3′ triad, we see that a baby is possible only after a fertile female has actively searched and attracted male to inseminate her. The first force is represented by the sperm, the second force by the egg, and a successful mating by the zygote. We call this expression of the Trinity, Evolution

“At the current moment, Baby occupies Kether, you occupy Chokhmah, and I occupy Binah so to form the triad ‘3-2-1.’ This triad is known as Freedom. The potential child is the active force as it desires to be born so it must create a strong sexual and mothering urge in the female so to attract the father.

“The remaining triads are Order, 3-1-2, Identity, 2-3-1, and Interaction, 1-3-2.”


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