Conversation with a Rose-Croix (25)

Good and Evil (21)–Back in Damascus Again

December 18

As soon as Sophie and Gabriel returned to the roof top garden in Damascus, Sophie collapsed into Gabriel’s arms. He lifted her and carried her off to bed. He laid Sophie onto her back and kissed her softly on her forehead. Gabriel said to himself, “I am very proud of you, sweetheart. You are a trooper and one day will be with me in the Society. I wish I could share more details of your road ahead, but it is forbidden. There is more to teach, more to prepare, and more tests needed so you will prove to yourself that you are ready to accept a wondrous Cosmic Request. I know what your heart desires most, dear Sophie, and I will do whatever is necessary to fulfill you desire, my darling Sophie.”

Gabriel returned to the moonlit, garden rooftop and prepared a hookah for Sophie when she awoke. If his memory served him well, she likes musk melon the most.

Sophie slept for several hours and awoke quite refreshed. As she washed her face and brushed her teeth, behind her, in the mirror, was a beautiful meadow filled with fragrant flowers, industrious bees, and rainbow colored butterflies. Curiosity caused her to turn around. The meadow was really there. Taking up a towel, she dried her face. The meadow remained and she felt her kesdjan body separate and walk to the meadow.

Once present in the meadow, Sophie heard Gabriel calling to her in a language she did not know, but understood. The words were as musical chords and each sentence carried a melody. She found herself in front of Gabriel and he was holding up a beautiful baby girl surrounded by a soft golden aura. Gabriel was surrounded by several women who appeared to be elves.

Sophie said, “Gabriel, what a wondrous child. Her little ears are pointed so she must be an elf baby. May I hold her?”

Gabriel replied, “Of course, you may hold her.” Gabriel gently handed the baby to Sophie.

Sophie took the sweet child into her arms and held her close to her own breast, “Gabriel, she smells like vanilla cookies. I think she likes me?”

Gabriel and the elves started laughing in a most kind way. Gabriel grinning spoke, “Sophie, the little one adores you. She how her aura glows brighter? You really don’t know who she is?”

One of the elf ladies whispered into Gabriel ear, “Gabriel, how can she know whom the baby is? We are far in her future and she is not permitted to know yet. Just allow her to hold Rosemunde and then return her back to you in 1913.”

“Sophie, give the baby to Eleanor and you and I will return to Damascus. We must prepare for another journey. Come, take my hand.” Sophie returned the baby, took Gabriel’s hand and both found themselves on the garden rooftop.

Sophie saw that Gabriel had prepared a hookah when she slept and the coals were lit. Gabriel handed her the hose. Putting the wooden end between her lips, she slowly inhaled. Holding the Turkish tobacco smoke within her mouth, she immediately noted that it was laced with musk melon. She slowly exhaled and handed the hose to Gabriel.

Overjoyed, Sophie threw arms around Gabriel’s neck, exclaiming, “Gabriel, you remembered. You really remembered. I love you all the way to heaven and back, sweetheart.”

“Sophie, I appreciate the sincerity of your warm feelings, I really do. I am aware that your inner heart desires for me to be your polar complement. I know you really do love me and this love flows out from the center of your kesdjan body. I do care for you, Sophie, I care very much. But, sweet dear, I cannot have an earthly love with you for such would distract you from the work,” Gabriel said, stroking her face, “do you understand?”

Gabriel saw small tears running down Sophie’s cheeks and he bent forward to kiss them away.

Sophie did her best to smile, “I understand, my Gabriel. But, I ask for one gift and then I will be the trooper you want me to be.”

Gabriel replied, “I will give you the gift you need, Sophie. It is true that I love you as a man angel loves his female complement in a sacred marriage. It is true that I find you desirable in so many ways, honey. If I could choose my eternal mate, I would choose you, dearest Sophie.”

Sophie moved forward and hugged Gabriel, saying, “Knowing that you really love me, Gabriel, and genuinely desire to spend eternity with me, is enough. For I have never known a heart, as kind and as strong as yours.”

“Good, sit down and we will enjoy your musk melon tobacco and, then I will teach you many more things.


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