Conversation with a Rose-Croix (23)

Good and Evil (19)–Physics of Kesdjan Bodies

December 16

“Sophie, if you remember in the Chymical Wedding, CRC did not consider himself sufficiently virtuous to pass the ordeal of the scales. But, he was weighed in the end and he was the heaviest guest at the wedding as his heart and intellect followed the Divine most closely. I imagine you will ask me why kesdjan bodies needed to be weighed to determine whether they practice truth and love or falsity and evil?

“If we assigned a weight of 1.0 to an iron kesdjan body of a specific volume, a copper kesdjan is 1.15 times heavier, a silver kesdjan body is 1.93 times heavier, and a gold kesdjan body is 3.52 times heavier. Therefore, you and I can readily determine the quality of the kesdjan body by gauging how much he or she crushes the grassy plains of the entrance zone. As angels do not live in physical space or in clock time, they are unable to make such distinction.

“Kesdjan bodies appearing in the intermediate world possessing rusted iron or weathered copper finishes are no better within. But, at least these creatures did not try to pretend to be saintly. Other kesdjan bodies appear with finishes of gleaming gold or bright silver, but within they are really iron or copper. These are the ‘gilded devils’ I referenced earlier.

“The gilded devils cause some confusion with the angels, as they are conditioned to act as a just and decent person, even though deceitful, self-conceited, and greedy inside. Until the exterior patina decomposes, the gilded devils can act incongruously with his or her basic nature. After a few days or weeks in the intermediate zone, such patinas are gone and so the kesdjan body must think, feel, speak, and act congruously with its inner nature. Moreover, in the sequestered zones of heaven and hell, each kesdjan body finds itself comfortable only in a psychic place befitting its core loves, as I discussed before, and so finds comfort being with its own kind.

“Those kesdjan bodies coming to the intermediate zone seeped in love of self or love of worldly goods eventually choose to reside in a hell region proper to their core loves. I showed you one such place the other day. However, many kesdjan bodies are composed of a mixture of silver and copper, with silver predominating. After some indoctrination in the intermediate zone, as to the purpose of heaven and hell, they asked to be cleaned of any iron or copper so to approach pure silver.

“This is the purpose of purgatory, Sophie. Purgatory is a tool of salvation, as burning off the copper and iron, is necessary so to be sufficiently resonate so to harmonize with an angelic society. Purgatory is psychically-painful, but those in purgatory gladly accept the correction they need for they understand that they are being given another chance to be with the Divine.

“Purgatory is separated from heaven and from hell, as persons voluntarily accept time in purgatory so to be cleansed of evil and falsity. Kesdjan bodies arriving, preprepared for heaven or for hell, are automatically pulled to their appropriate location desire and not by current choice. Still, the best plan is to open ones heart to the Divine via the Noble Organ, or Holy Spirit, when living in the physical. For this is the place where man has maximum freedom and maximum opportunity to be as close to the Infinite, as possible.

“I will delay discussing the third, or the royal, path until we finish with our astral exploration of hell. I will tell you, Sophie, that those who choose to follow the third path will attain a state of the true siblingship with Jesus the Christ,” finished Gabriel.

Both Sophie and Gabriel entered into deep hypnosis and separated their kesdjan bodies for another trip to hell.


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