Conversation with a Rose-Croix (21)

Good and Evil (16)–Physics of the Worlds

December 14

Gabriel continued, “A remarkable accomplishment of Mistress Nature, but pointless in and of itself, I am afraid. For it is impossible for a natural creature to rise above its birth limitations without the infusion of some energy higher than Nature. Clearly, a transfinite set includes many smaller finite sets, but the reverse is impossible. For conscious creatures to surpass their inherent biological limitations requires that the spiritual worlds send emissaries so to bridge the conceptual and experiential gap between our finite existence and the transfinite of the Divine. By transfinite, I do not imply infinity, but simply an immeasurably large set of elements so rich that it cannot be elementally sorted given the probable life of any universe.

“There is only one, proper infinity, and that is God the Unfathomable, God beyond the Limitless, God the Eternal and Timeless, and so on. Man can only approach the Infinite, but can never reach it for it is also More. Our Society is of the opinion that the transfinite mathematics of Georg Cantor is mere foolishness.

“The truth is that every single universe occupies an immense multidimensional volume of space which is made potentially available when a prior universe deflates and reinflates in a few Planck time constants. However, the energy reinfusing from the old into the new is limited to a much more restricted initial volume and so much of the geometric matrix of the universe is empty of energy and quanta. Subsequently, photons and matter are expanding at different rates into the potential space.

“What has not been well appreciated is that the multidimensional geometric mesh is infinite in extent, never has had a beginning nor an end. Universes come and go within portions of this geometric mesh, each one being finite in volume and energies. An appreciation of how such a metric must be structured is within conscious conceptualization. Moreover, we even know the mechanism for the production of the quanta necessary for materiality, life, and consciousness in the vibratory modes of this geometric. The models constructed by our Society are the most extensive and refined as to providing for a complete understanding of all three modes of Creation.

“Currently, we hypothesize that the physical universe requires a minimum of ten, mathematically-imaginary, orthogonal spatial dimensions so to produce four spatial dimensions in which solid bodies exist. One of the four dimensions allocated for physical space is not observable and so creates an interesting experiential illusion for three-dimensional beings. The loss of one spatial dimension partially explains why the material wave function requires a real and imaginary part.

“In three-space, observers state that visible objects are at rest, moving uniformly, or being accelerated relative to the observer’s laboratory reference frame. This is an optical limitation of three-space, as we cannot measure at small enough time intervals. The Society has discovered that things do no translate in three-space, rather, they appear and disappear temporally as functions of momenergy. They reappear at the same coordinate set or elsewhere. Actually, objects do not move per se, they show up based upon temporal and coordinate information they possess, fundamentally and momenergetically.  This being possible as the fourth spatial dimension is collapsed to Planck’s length and all information moves at the speed of light and simply rests many times for time intervals too short to observe.

“Based upon the law of correspondence, two other independent sets of mathematically-imaginary, orthogonal spatial dimensions coexist for kesdjan and higher being bodies. As these bodies are not composed of material quanta, quarks and leptons, which require physical space so to remain independent structurally, they do not possess a real coordinate set, and so are unobservable in the physical world. The kesdjan body is only observable in the mental dream world from which it arises. Higher being bodies are neither physical nor dreamlike and so can only be observed in the upper world.

“Still, no one can state with surety whether such energized geometry is equivalent to God. Perhaps, it does not matter anymore? Who knows? Any questions, Sophie,” asked Gabriel as it took a sip of warm tea.

Pondering for a moment, she replied, “You mentioned three modes of Creation. I presume that you are referring to the appearance in the metric of three distinct kinds of quanta, material, atonic, and ptahonic, Such vibratory modes of the metric existing as a hierarchy in time. First, the metric needs to create complex matter suitable for manifesting the aphysical atonic, or living, energies so to form, animate, far from equilibrium, autopoietic systems. Second, suitably complex nervous systems allow the emergence of aphysical ptahonic, or conscious, energies capable of interacting with the Divine. Is this correct?”

“Perfect, my dear, well done,” said Gabriel, “you are very close to a full understanding.”

Gabriel continued, “From an energetic point of view, the metric must be understood to be triune, a trinity. Instead of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit or Father, Son, and Mother, we find matter, life, and consciousness. Each existing independently of the others, but each of one fundamental energy. I guess we can say that the metric itself is the Mother, the one fundamental energy the Father, and creation the Son. Just an analogy Sophie, do not take it too seriously.

“For in truth, God shows six essential and fundamental faces to the world. Our Society calls the six, the 5 Quale + 1, or 5Q+1. These separate forces are known by the word ‘KOPTIC.” I have explained this to you a long time ago and shall not review it now.

“The metric and the three energies are responsible for the separate worlds of the physical, the astral or kesdjan, and the upper or higher being bodies. While, the human body resides in the physical, the human mind resides in the astral. Self-aware creatures are restricted from the upper world as they have no higher being bodies. Such bodies are rare and are consciously brought into awareness by those who chose to become Immortals so to be guides for mankind and other conscious creatures.

“As we discussed earlier, the astral plane and its entities are composed of atonic energies which duplicate the form and neurological functions of the living physical body. The primary purpose of the living physical is to construct individual kesdjan bodies which continue to exist for some time after physical death. It is the kesdjan bodies of the recent deceased, who find themselves in the intermediate astral world between the heavenly and hellish regions. A portion of the intermediate astral is reserved for purgatory, a place where nearly all kesdjan bodies reside for variable times. The purpose of purgatory is to purify the kesdjan bodies of worldly taints which can be removed by the conscious efforts of the person having such. Those truly desiring salvation so to correct what they now consider traits unfitting for a son or daughter of the Elohim are given methods so to purify themselves–often times unpleasantly. Those having lived a godly life quickly move onto heaven and those truly antagonistic to the Divine are cast into the deepest hells. The latter being cast so to maintain a balance in the intermediate world and protect those who will choose salvation,” continued Gabriel.


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