Conversation with a Rose-Croix (17)

Good and Evil (13)

December 10

In a moment, Sophie and Gabriel had returned to the desert area they had previously visited. In front of the pair, loomed a small tunnel leading into a rocky crag of basalt. The entrance to the tunnel was the darkest black Sophie had ever seen. The entrance was so narrow that Sophie could not see how Gabriel or she could pass through. The darkness seemed to flow out from the entrance, striking her face on and causing piloerection. A shiver of something cold, stale, and sinister was issuing forth from the bowels of the tunnel smelling of sulfur. Terror ceased her and she grabbed Gabriel’s left arm and hide her face thereon.

“Gabriel, please, take me away. I can hardly catch my breath. My heart is beating so fast. I am going to wet my panties. Please, Gabriel, please,” begged Sophie.

Gabriel took her into his arms and said several words in what sounded similar to the languages of the angels. “Sophie, the language is Enochian and you will begin to feel the terror draining from your body and into the sand below your feet. I promise you, it shall not return and you will no longer be afraid of what you do not know, as yet. I promise.”

Sophie felt the terror draining out from the soles of her feet and onto the sandy plain. The terror was being replaced by a feeling that some energy in Gabriel was entering into her physical and kesdjan bodies and calming and strengthening her resolve.

She asked, “Gabriel has part of you merged with my astral body? I feel you inside of me and I like it very much. I have felt alone all my life, but now I feel connected with someone, I feel that I am a part of you and you are a part of me. It is pure love and goodness. Gabriel, what have you given me. I must know.”

Gabriel, still holding her in his arms, thought, “Sophie, because we are merged for the moment, you do not need to speak to me. You are hearing my thoughts and feeling my feelings directly. For a moment, you have assumed the form of an angel and this is how angels communicate. Enochian is really the language of the thoughts of angels, but can be used for magick in the human astral. So just think and I will understand. The angel language will prove useful on our journey into the hell realms, for demons cannot understand it–even in the darkest and most evil-infested regions where the Satan archetype lives.”

Sophie thought, “If the feeling I have with you inside of me, Gabriel, is what ones feels in heaven, I hope I will reside there one day. If only people knew this feeling.”

Gabriel replied, “If people felt what you are feeling inherently, they would have no freedom of choice. Freedom of choice is the most precious gift in every universe. The inherent right to choose between ‘the good of altruistic love and honest truth’ and ‘the good of self-aggrandizement and worldly core loves.’

“For the freedom of choice is what has allowed the astral creation of heavens and hells. While, residing in the physical realm, mankind places itself under moral rules which are beneficial to all members of society. Moreover, the cores loves of men and women for a good station in life, sufficient wealth, social fame, social reputation, family, sexual access, and fear of corporeal punishment and banishment keep many evil hearts in check.

“Competition between city states and nations generally keep the ruling aristocracy in check. Of course, human history demonstrates that egoism and cruelty often times breach the safeguards of society and human madness erupts for some time. Eventually, the controls are back in place and things work sufficiently well for men and women to work towards living cooperatively.

“However, after the first, or physical, death, the kesdjan body is freed of the restrictions placed upon it by physicality and social mores of its own body. Being freed from its physical vehicle allows it to persist in the human collective psyche by absorbing and processing the atonic energies associated with and processed by all of mankind. The atonic energies are what maintain the form of the kesdjan body as an entity after physical death. However, the actual forms of such kesdjan bodies begin to reflect the quality of its core loves. This is why angels have pleasant human forms and demons hideous human forms when seen in the Divine Light.

Sophie asked, “But, Gabriel, I remember that you once told me that most kesdjan bodies do not reincarnate and eventually disintegrate. How can this be, if heaven and hell exist?”

“I know it sounds, as if, I am creating a new story, Sophie. I will explain later. The full story is much more convoluted than I first explained. This is why we are on this particular journey and why I introduced you to Swedenborg. He is a dear old gentleman, but he was only shown about heaven and hell, not the full picture. I cannot show you truth in its fullness for you would not see it at all. I have to piecemeal.

“Sophie, hold my hand and we shall easily pass through the entrance. For you and I are not here in our physical bodies, remember, but in the kesdjan. Kesdjan bodies are like water and can be reshaped as need be,” finished Gabriel.

Gabriel stretched his form into a long pole and fulled Sophie with him. She did not feel the darkness nor was she afraid. She thought to herself, “I feel totally in love with Gabriel at this moment, but I want Michael?”

Gabriel answered her with a silent laugh, “Sophie, of course you want Michael for he is your polar half. It is his love that I am channeling for you, my dense little friend.”

In a moment, the pair found themselves in a grand cavern with some rude huts. When Sophie looked around she saw normal looking men and women working silently. The women appeared to be grinding grain for bread or gruel using a stone pestle and mortar. The men sat apart from each other and were sharpening mining shovels and picks.

Everyone was naked and appeared to between thirty and forty years old and attractive and well endowed. Both had more body hair than is typical for human beings.

Sophie asked, “Gabriel, why are these people in hell?”

Gabriel replied, “Sophie, in life these men constantly cheated on their wives with whores. This whole village is populated by whoremongers and their whores. Now they are married to their whores and their wives cheat all the time on them. Life is about working in the red cinnabar mines so to produce red pigment for the lips of harlots and fighting and catching the wife cheating.

“Now remember, Sophie, these people are here because this is where they wanted to be as their core love was animal sex and this is all they see. They actually want to be here for still they cheat [The explanatory details are excluded in this version].

“Now, I want you to see how they appear when the divine light is shown upon them,” stated Gabriel.

In the divine light, Sophie saw that none of the demons were young or attractive. Both men and women were very old, hairy, and had loose skin. All were dwarfs. Even though, the divine light was quite strong, everyone’s skin appeared dull. The eyes were dark and without any sparkle.

Gabriel reminded Sophie, “The eyes of a demon will always give them away as they are black and very dull compared with human eyes. Now, we are off to a deeper level of hell.


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