Conversation with a Rose-Croix (8)

Good and Evil (4)

December 1

Gabriel continued, “Please do not think that the human collective psyche, conjoint dream world, or human astral world is the only astral world. For such worlds are created by all life forms evolving within our universe, possessing a solid form and a central nervous system (CNS), as well developed as do human creatures. Over the past million years or so, I have accessed astral worlds similar to yours and found that they are rather similar in content to each other. To the best of my personal knowledge, the creators of all accessible astral worlds are humanoid.

“Though, not at all, as imagined by the UFO groupies of the New Age blunder movement. Sorry, Sophie, even us, ancient ones, are not fully unconditional in all matters. Which is a good reason not to make us into perfected angels or gods. That error, is already claimed and expressed by the demonic denizens of the Infernal Realms, the Astral Hell Worlds, or der Üntergeist (the Under Mind).

“Sophie, I realize that my conversation may seem somewhat tangential and disjointed, but it cannot be prevented. What I am doing is feeding you information and atonic energies so that the two pieces best match your own mental processes. Humans by nature are not very integrated and do best when you feed them knowledge which keeps them focused.

“In Islam, it is said that Allah created the magical Djinn in a separate creation. Regardless of how they came to be, these entities are called demons by humans due to ignorance. Most of the Djinn look down upon humans, as scripture states that man was formed from earth and the Djinn for fire. The Djinn are super-egotistical, as they have forfeited the opportunity to exchange egoism for altruism so to create a true Higher Being Body ( HBB) or Soul.

“Many of the Djinn reside in the human collective so to absorb ptahonic, or soul, energies from the kesdjan bodies of the dead and the living. Such feeding, being necessary for them, as they are essentially astral creatures, and must feed off other kesdjan bodies so to maintain life and egoism. Islam teaches that Iblis, or Satan-el, was not an Angel, but a Djinn how came to live in the Heavenly Worlds.

“They are selective feeders and will attach to humans who become fixed in character, or crystallized, so to be a confirmed egoist. Such humans have forfeited all desire to consciously evolve. The Djinn will feed off of the creative energies resident within the soul seed until such soul seed is nonfunctional, withered, and mummified. They leave behind a social zombie, the ‘dead,’ our Christ spoke of in the Gospels,” explained Gabriel, carefully watching her face for signs of understanding–unconscious at first and conscious later.

“Now and then, a Djinn will find a sociopath whose egoism matches their own. In these cases, when they feed off of the sociopath they find that his or her soul-seed does not wither, but increases its absorption of ptahonic energies for the benefit of both creatures. For such persons, the soul-seed does not die, but can grow so to become equal to the Djinn possessing an ‘anti-soul,’ so to speak. Such humans become qlippoth in Kabbalah and strong demons in the astral. They can last for eons of human time, but like the Djinn will fail to survive the end of our time. This is why all universes start free of evil.”


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