Conversation with a Rose-Croix (5)

Good and Evil

November 28

“Let me explain,” continued Gabriel.

“The Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, did the intellectual world a great service by postulating the existence of a human, collective unconsciousness, or objective psyche. The collective he originally proposed evolved so to explain why certain mental archetypes appeared across many cultures. His explanation for such commonality within the personal unconscious was psychoneurological and secondary to shared genetics and social constructs. In other words, Jung was not implying the existence of a collective psychic mind, though many people think such. It was not until the end of his human life that Jung began to suspect that his opinion as to the nature of the objective psyche may have been overly limited.

“We have known for quite some time that all species of social animals possess a conjoint species mind represented upon the astral plane, or the middle world. The simplest examples appearing in the organized, nonlocal behavior of honey bees, termites, and ants. Part of the cooperative activity arises from chemical and motor messages and the remainder from an astral sharing of information.

“For the social insects, Sophie, nonlocal cooperation is likely the resultant of interactions of electromagnetic fields generated in situ by individual neural nets working so to reinforce goal-directed behavior and extinguish opposing behaviors. I doubt that the social insects can be said to possess a conjoint species mind which includes conscious content.

“Based upon work conducted long ago, we have found that human beings possess a very sophisticated conjoint species mind. The source of the human collective mind being, the resultant of the capacity of humans to create individual virtual worlds so to operate within. As my associate Michael has explained to those in the Order, all potentially conscious creatures possess a body in the physical and a mind in a shared virtual world. He has very aptly explained how humans have been able to create and possess, a single awareness, or dream worlds, present both asleep and awake.

“In other words, Sophie, over thousands of years the conjoint human man has created a dreamworld perched between the material world of bodies and the spiritual world of forms, true individuals, sacred images, and possibilities. For convenience, I shall use traditional terminology and call this world the Astral or Middle World.

“Though, I do not like computer analogies, one can picture the astral world as the internet whose structure and content are determined by billions of personal computers feeding into it. Moreover, the astral world is composed of a very subtle energy composed of quanta concerned with life and mental awareness. We have named such fundamental astral quanta ‘atons’ after one of the Egyptian names for the Sun.

“These quanta create a virtual duplicate of the organs of the physical body and manifest as the kesdjan, astral, or psychic body. This phenomenon is most interesting for it implies that thoughts are more than nebulous epiphenomena without reciprocal effects upon the physical body. Rather, material objects and mental objects coexist and are mutually necessary for human functioning. As the ancients have said, ‘Thoughts are things.’

“Moreover, this body shares a common awareness with the human body and is what acts in the dreamtime. Are you following, Sophie?”

Sophie replied, “I cannot explain what has happened to my mind, but everything you are teaching seems to sink perfectly into my mind and memory. It seems that when you teach, much more than words enter into me as knowledge. It feels like I am better than more, more efficient.”

Gabriel explained, “Sophie, by removing some of your limitations, I opened further your channel to the Noble Organ and so the depth and quality of your soul-personality are more than before. Your station, or stathmós, upon the dimension of Being is higher, sufficient for our current needs.

“But there is so much more I must teach you this special evening. I need to explain much more about the structure of the astral, or collective dream world.”



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