Conversation with a Rose-Croix (3)

November 26

Sophie replied, “Most strange, indeed. Will you tell me more, Gabriel?”

Gabriel nodded his head yes, saying, “But, this will come later. It is always good to begin at the beginning, rather than in the middle, or God forbid, at the end. Let me tell you how I brought you here and give you more details as to the why. OK?”

Sophie replied, “Yes, please go ahead.”

Gabriel began, “Sophie, as I just told you, the world is in a very dark place at the moment–so dark, that my associates, most worried about the human predicament, asked me to intervene immediately. We do our best to avoid direct intervention, but now and then such is required. This is why you were chosen to speak with me on this delightful evening. Wait until the full moon rises tonight. I have always felt at ease in this place. It is November 1, 1913.

“My dear, you fell into a deep sleep this afternoon and so I was able to transport you to Damascus. It is not an easy task. I brought you here so I could answer your many questions about the universe, the three Worlds, and God. For the answers do exist and I shall give such to you this very visit.

“The world is in dire need of new models of existence, models which will create new and more functional interrelationships between the physical and life sciences and spirituality. Marrying science and spirituality, as a working couple, can do much to benefit man and the world. Maintaining a separation between science and spirituality shall eventually cause an end to life on earth, as we know it.

“Sophie, I have chosen you to bring this message back to our Order so that new esoteric knowledge can be integrated with the old for the hope of the future. The Rose-Croix has carried the shepherd’s crook and worn the shepherd’s sandals for billions of years. Cooperating with the demiurgic forces responsible for organizing this universe, we search for new planets ready to serve as evolutionary gardens for the Almighty.

“Whenever, we locate such a planet, we literally cast onto its surface the primitive living seed needed so to birth a lush biosphere over billions of years. A biosphere fit for the gradual evolution of ever more complex life forms. Now and then, a planet’s life forms attain to a complexity equal to that of human beings. Creatures sufficiently complex so to be able to intentionally germinate and grow another seed we provide. A seed from which an immortal self can be made, if the person so desires. We call this seed, the ‘soul-seed.’

“For immortal souls are necessary to fully complete Omneity’s Plan for this universe. Unfortunately, souls are scarce commodities and the Plan will fail, if we cannot make people understand that God needs more immortal souls to help.

“My friends and I were once, as you are now, creatures ready to consciously work so to grow and harvest one day, an immortal soul. For the attainment of an immortal soul is the sin qua non for becoming a Sacred Individual. Even more, dear child, my friends and I have awoken into the Unborn and so we exist both within and without Time and Space.

“Mankind is facing extinction. Such extinction, a surety, unless a sufficient number of men and women recognize and overcome his and her genetic propensities for a self-love and hoarding. Until a sufficient number of men and women are properly educated and esoterically trained, men and women capable of assuming the shepherd’s crook and sandals, we have carried for so very long, men and women will be no more.

“Potentially, conscious creatures, such as men upon the Earth; eventually, must band together, as a single conscious humanity, so to assume the role of the Earth’s shepherd. This is the Law and it cannot be changed. This time is quickly approaching and mankind is not prepared. I am speaking to you for you are going to be both messenger and innovator. I will do what I can, but, I cannot directly intervene for I am not longer of your Earth.
“Sophie, you are my little sister, and I must work with you for the benefit of all. Do you accept this chore,” finished Gabriel? Gabriel rose from his chair and moved the table away from the two of them.

Sophie stood up, going to Gabriel, she kissed him on his left cheek. Gabriel placed his arms around her back and kissed her on her forehead. Sophie laid her head onto his left chest. Moon Maiden was above the horizon, smiling, as she knew what Sophie’s heart had said to Gabriel’s heart, and their promise was sealed by the moon-shadow on the mud wall.


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