EsoHomilies: The Making of A True Soul (23)

The Battle Begins-The Warriors Return

November 23

Suddenly, a bright flash of light appeared in the library and the students saw two men dressed in chain mail holding up a woman similarly dressed. They were covered in blood. One of the men had a deep gash across his right cheek and the other bore an abdominal wound on his left side and appeared to have lost a significant amount of blood which flowed down his left leg. The men gently laid the woman upon her back on Arthur’s Table Round. She had been wounded by a black arrow which remained near her heart.

Merlin and Morgana immediately recognized the three warriors for they had resided with them for many months learning Magick a long time ago. The twelve students had remained with Tristan so to fight against the Dark Lords.

Tristan immediately went over to the wounded warrior and felt for a pulse. There was no pulse. Tristan stood up, chanted some words in Enochian and another flash of light filled the room.

Before them, stood another female warrior wearing golden chain mail and holding a lance and a knight’s shield with Tristan’s Elfin Crest. Though bloody, she stood tall and bore a striking resemblance to Morgana. She turned to Morgana saying, “Hello, Mother. It is I, Eleanor, from the future time. Father knows me for he is no longer bound by temporality for his center of being exists in Eternity. So, now you see that the elf child in your womb will be like when the Dark War begins anew.”

Morgana, arose and went to Eleanor and hugged and kissed her many times.

Tristan interrupted, “Morgana and Merlin you need to heal the wounds of Edgar and Thomas. My precious Elaine has passed and Eleanor and I must return her essence to her body.”

Tristan called Eleanor, “Daughter of my loins and heart, I need you to transform into the healing breath and enter into Elaine so to heal her wounds after I push through the arrow. It is a renegade elf arrow which is why it penetrated her mitral armor. Hurry. There is little time, darling.”

Eleanor uttered some Enochian terms and transformed into a golden fog and entered into Elaine via her nostrils.

Tristan picked up Eleanor’s lance, chanted three sentences in the first language of the ancient elves and threw the lance at the fireplace. A great boom filled the ears of all and a door opened to another world which Tristan entered. He was gone for seconds and returned with the kesdjan body of Elaine in his arms. He laid it over her physical body and it began to merge with the physical. Suddenly, Elaine gasped and sat upright. Tristan and Eleanor were standing on each side of her.

Elaine exclaimed in a most surprised voice, “Tristan, Eleanor, I died how am I here?”

Eleanor spoke, “Lady Elaine, my Father brought you back from the worlds of the dead. He is the most powerful magician in all the Worlds, now. But, he cannot use this power to influence the Dark War for this War is the War of Good versus Evil. He fights without Magick. But, he will not allow someone to die before their destiny is completed. And he loves the twelve of you as he loves Mother and me. You are of his spiritual blood.”

Morgana went over to Elaine saying, “Come my child. Let us go to my chamber so to remove your armor and bathe you. You are still weak. Edgar and Thomas, don’t just stand there, go to your rooms and clean up. What am I to do all of you?”

The four of them left the library and Tristan explained how he knew the three warriors and the other nine students. Needless to say, Tristan answered many questions as to his past life and about the Dark War.

Soon it was time for dinner. The kitchen elementals had prepared Lady Elaine’s favorite dinner dishes. Everyone ate without talking, as was the custom. Eleanor sat next to Morgana and Eleanor to be one day.

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