EsoBites: Neo-Esotericism and Deep Rosicrucian Analyses (1)

EsoBites: Neo-Esotericism and Deep Rosicrucian Analyses (1)

October 26, 2016

The Hidden Path of Non-Seeking and Non-Enlightenment

A long time ago, a teacher complained to me that she found it to be a great waste of her time to share esoteric knowledge with people with little aptitude for seeking enlightenment. While, I do think this statement is generally true, I disagreed for a very simple reason and most economic reason.

I replied to my friend that I find it difficult to accurately determine whether or not a newbie has the proper aptitude and cognitive skills for making a permanent soul-personality and attain to a Man # 5. Moreover, as I do not want to put aside any potential Illuminati, I will begin to share whatever I know with whoever wants to listen. My essential nature is that of innovation and so am obligated to share my spiritoscientific models with others–it costs me little more than my time, but the interaction is of great benefit to myself, as discussions and questions are most needed so to better formulate new concepts and possibilities.

Useful knowledge needs to be shared amongst others so to grow and refine such knowledge. Sacred knowledge may be lost secondary to many mundane catastrophes, but, a teacher’s share of such knowledge is never diminished by sharing. Sacred knowledge is either stable or growing as far as an awakened individual.

With the above caveat held firmly in your mind, I am going to introduce all of you to a brand new neo-esoteric concept, a most radical, most contrary, most awe-inducing, most unbelievable concept which is the antithesis of all the ancient teachings. Being the antithesis does not mean that this neo-postulate rejects the ancient pathways–but, they are inefficient and most difficult to pursue in our times.

It is a truism that previous esoteric schools have taught that enlightenment and awaking must be sought after with great devotion and one-pointedness as the path is steep and slippery. Esoteric schools have always sought aspirants, which tradition calls ‘seekers,’ with strong bodies, hearts, and minds. It is no different with modern esoteric schools, such as AMORC and the Traditional Martinist Order, to name but two.

However, as a contrary ‘sort of fellow,’ I have a propensity to respectfully question what is stated to be firmly established, most especially, whenever I contact a system commonly teaching from earthly authority and insisting that seekers identify with the earthly school and its egregore. Such methods are useful for early progress upon the footpaths leading to the access road to the actual way, but true awakening requires help from Beings who actually know and understand and are ready to guide those seekers from below.

While, it remains true that seekers must apply super-efforts upon the journey from the mundane, realm of everlasting annihilation into the empyrean heavens living within Eternity rather than Time, the perceived Goal of the journey always controls. If you understand enlightenment and awakening as the perfection of human qualities and concepts, no matter how pure and wonderful, then you can rise no higher than the most refined regions of the upper world. In fact, the highest any seeker for enlightenment can attain is to a personal relationship with the Sacred Being Image which has guided them always. For enlightenment simply means ‘bringing into the light that which was previously hidden by darkness, or ignorance.’

Enlightenment is restricted to a full appreciation of the physical, psychoistic (astral or empyreal), and spiritual worlds. Enlightenment desires a full comprehension and relationship with the totality of existence, as to entities, interrelationships, beginnings, and endings. A fully enlightened Being understands, consciously and conscientiously, the fullness of the Creation, as to what can be accomplished and why it must be accomplished. Such a ‘person’ resides upon the esoteric level of his or her Sacred Being Image.

A worthy goal, indeed. For such enlightened Beings work with the just men and women (upon the many earths) so to encourage and prevent humanity from falling away from its Cosmic function for transhumanizing the psychophysical universe.

However, it is possible for an enlightened Being to liberate himself or herself (I am speaking of gender and not physical sexuality) from Existence so to seek Non-Existence and the Absoluteness of God. Earlier, I discussed this distinction and refer new readers to the past discourses.

The methodology to accomplish such an unimaginable feat is to learn the art of ‘not-seeking’ for ‘Non-Enlightenment.’

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