EsoBites: Real I: Dissecting Brahman-Atman Operational Theory (4)

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October 14, 2016

Dissecting Brahman-Atman Operational Theory (4)

Today, we continue with providing meaningful answers to more of the four Big Questions. To review, previously we addressed the first three questions so to come to the conclusion that the term ‘existence’ deals only with world possessing ‘observables’ which can be named, identified, measured, and experienced. Existence for human beings refers to the material, the psychoistic or astral, and the spiritual worlds which we have named the Lower, Middle, and Upper Worlds–each one being, experientially present, within our Universe.

‘Nonexistence’ is the word employed to describe Brahman as Brahman eternal presence is ‘without existence or creation.’

To remind you,

1. Compared to the universe, does Brahman exist or not exist?
2. How did Brahman, or God, come to be in the first place?
3. Is there a time when Brahman was not?
4. Why Something rather than Nothing?

When, I compiled these questions, I intended the first three questions to be useful for attaining to a more complete ‘feel’ for what is Unknowable and Indescribable so to differentiate from what is Knowable and Describable. And I do hope we have made much progress in this matter. However, the fourth question seems to have nothing to do with the essentialness of Brahman. Such question seems a ‘red-herring’ added so to draw your attention to the fact that such question is differs from the others so you would ask yourself, ‘Why was this question included?’

The fourth question deals with the activity of Brahman in Creating Universes and the momenergy prevailing within. It deals with the intrinsic nature of Existence, both physical and aphysical. Moreover, this is a question which we can answer fairly well as the answer is apparent in the Universe itself. Moreover, it applies to Brahman also, as we will see.

What I am really asking is, “Does it seem more reasonable to conceive of the absence of. Anything or the existence of Something (though not necessarily continuously)? Or we might ask, “What is more likely to exist, a potential state of all that is possible and impossible, an absolute infinity, or simply a state which is void of everything imaginable or not imaginable?

Take some time to form an opinion and then read on. The answer may be the opposite to your initial speculation.

The only way to conceive of an absolute infinity is to place imaginary brackets around both ends of a linear sequence of all its various elements, so to create an apparent Unity or Set. Let us now compare the concept of an Eternal One with that of Nothing. Any new ideas?

Well? My answer is that it is easy to conceive and picture in our minds of primary nothingness–it is just a blank, yet more than the absence of something. Moreover, nothingness does not require a beginning nor will it experience an ending. Nothingness is outside of both time and space, not to mention eternity.

However, even a unity had to come from something else for everything we can experience has a birth and a death, even the universe. The fact that something exists always implies a beginning and an end (review our discussion of existent versus nonexistent). At best, we must settle for an infinite regress of prior universes and such does not solve the problem.

The most parsimonious explanation is that Brahman, as the Absolute Nothingness must create in Its Own Likeness (Genesis 1:26 (NKJV) 26 Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness;”). Subsequently, Brahman can only create in Brahman’s Likeness suggesting that our Universe, in actuality, must be conceived as a ‘smaller’ Nothingness, though less rich than the Nothingness of Brahman. I suggest reading Isaac Luria and his concept of Tzimtzum briefed below for comparison (1).

I know people are asking, “How can the Universe and everything in it be Nothing, as we see a material world all around us?” The answer has not previously been given, and as is true for all answers to Big Questions, the answer complies with my favorite teaching riddle as to esoteric subjects, “First, we study those things which appear immensely large, complex, and impossible to answer. Then, we study those things which appear utterly simple and easy to answer. Why this way and not the other? For things which appear impossible to answer because they are so complex are simple, and those that appear simple are complex. So the posts, I offer are really a kindness I am showing to my dear friends.”

The only way that our Universe can be truly a Nothing is that somehow all the energies, physical and aphysical, within the Universe must cancel out overall. The only way this is possible is to postulate that the positive frequency energies we experience are matched by negative frequency energies we do not observe, i.e., every quantum particle (physical, vital, or conscious) has a perfect complement. For instance, type A electrons possess a positive rest mass, a half-integer spin, and a negative charge–while, its obverse twin electrons possess a negative rest mass, the opposite spin, and a positive charge. These twins are forever linked or entangled along a missing, collapsed, spatial dimension and always ‘know’ the quantum state, the momenergy, and position of the other.

However, these two worlds actually exist in potentia alone, as two universal wave functions which complement each other and produce, the universe we exist within, every time they actualize an event in space time. Voilá! Brilliant, eh? Thanks, I think so.

I think this is sufficient fodder for you to chew upon for some time. Tomorrow, we shall use our understanding of Brahman so to come to a reasonable understanding of Atman.
(1) “Prior to Creation, there was only the infinite Or Ein Sof filling all existence. When it arose in G-d’s Will to create worlds and emanate the emanated…He contracted (in Hebrew “tzimtzum”) Himself in the point at the center, in the very center of His light. He restricted that light, distancing it to the sides surrounding the central point, so that there remained a void, a hollow empty space, away from the central point… After this tzimtzum… He drew down from the Or Ein Sof a single straight line [of light] from His light surrounding [the void] from above to below [into the void], and it chained down descending into that void…. In the space of that void He emanated, created, formed and made all the worlds.”

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