EsoBites: The Tripartite Nature of the Astral World

EsoBites: The Tripartite Nature of the Astral World

October 2, 2016

Today, I shall provide a rational structure of the Astral World without frills or exaggeration. The astral is sufficiently interesting, in and of itself, to need much ornamentation by our expendable Personalities–our mindbrain Egoism.

I must remind you that the source material for the EsoBites postings falls under the rubric of “New Traditions.” New Traditions grow out of Old Traditions so to better understand the structure and function of Creation as human understanding and technology grows. New Traditions resonate with the Old Traditions, but are more appropriate for modern times.

As noted previously, only two fundamental worlds exist as to our material and experiential universe. As taught in advanced esoteric sciences, there exists a fundamental Upper World which arises after the Holy of Holies breaths into our isolated Universe six essential Qualia known by the term, KOPTIC. These are the qualities that God provided for creation and maintenance of our Ray of Creation. Knowing, Observing, Presence, Transcendence, Intending, and Caring (unconditional Love).

God is not present in any universe, in God’s pure and essential nature, for God must withdraw a portion of God’s Completeness so to be able to Divinely Copulate with Mother Nature (the physical forces) so to manifest a World of Life, Consciousness, Meaning, and Purpose. The Ancients say, “The Higher must copulate with the Lower so to actualize the Middle and produce Sons and Daughters of God Almighty.”

I might add that Isaac Luria, the great 16th century Kabbalist, explained Creation in a somewhat similar manner using the Hebrew word, ‘tzimtzum.’

Once a physical universe has been fertilized, it develops under biological evolution so to produce beings capable of knowing that they know (H. sapiens sapiens). After such occurs, conscious, spiritual evolution is possible for individuals desiring such growth and development.

The beginnings of the astral realms is delayed until physical creatures evolve who are able to manifest “Imago Operators” (see my earlier blogs for a full discussion). Such creatures interact with the physical world using an accurate reproduction of the physical surroundings which is virtual and aphysical. This is the beginning of the Middle World. It is important to understand that our physical bodies operate in the Lower, Physical World, but our human, expendable Personalities operate in the aphysical, Astral World. Most human suffering arises from forgetting this fundamental truth.

In the Astral World, which I commonly denote as our dreamtime (awake or sleeping), man and equivalently advanced creatures unconsciously enrich the dreamtime by creating a plethora of virtual creatures. Such creatures becoming gods, demons, elementals, angels, elves, djinn, and so on. We create all of our Sacred Images, those Images with meaning and significance to our existence.

Perhaps, the best description of the Astral World is found in the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg in his book Heaven and Hell. I am adapting Swedenborg’s language in this discourse, though, I am not a believer in Heaven or Hell as permanent extraworldly abodes But, the description is quite accurate of the Astral World. Swedenborg was a well-respected seer writing in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Swedenborg taught that the higher portions of the nonphysical existence where divided into two Kingdoms of Light, Life, and Love. Closest to the Lord stands the Celestial Heaven and below stands the Spiritual Heaven. Beyond the Celestial Heaven resides the Divine experienced as the Holy Sun Absolute from which flows Eternal and Unconditional Love.

The region beyond is what I have termed the “Upper World.”

In my terms, this region of the Astral is called “der Übergeist.” This is where the Invisible Order resides and feeds various earthly esoteric schools. Der Übergeist is the highest spiritual level a man or woman can attain to in our Universe.

Mirroring the two kingdoms of Heaven are two kingdoms of Hell. I call these kingdoms, “der Üntergeist.” The lowest Hell, closest to ‘utter nothingness,’ is the region occupied primarily by humans who fell into the evolutionary trap so to absolutely believe that the only true God is his or her own human Personality. This is the region of the Astral most preferred by sociopaths and other possessing NO link to anything Divine, i.e., they shut themselves off from the Noble Organ. This Hell is symbolized by Satan, as self-aggrandizement is the greatest possible sin, as noted in the Decalogue.

Exodus 20:2 You shall have no other gods before Me. NKJV

The higher Hell is created by humans who allow the evolutionary quale of “Hoarding” to control his or her earthly life. The seeking of wealth, power, and fame are different aspects of hoarding, or desiring exclusive ownership and possession. The severity of the sins of this Hell are much less than those of the lowest. This Hell is symbolized by Mammon. The most revealing commandment of the Decalogue as to Hoarding is the last,

Exodus 20:17 17 You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s. NKJV

Betwixt Heaven and Hell exists the neutral zone comprised of the collective consciousness of our species and others. This is the region occupied by the majority of persons uninterested in making a permanent Soul-Personality. They are content with security, food, and carnal pleasure. Such persons are born, live, and then pass away as if they had never lived. Generally, such persons cause minimum problems for each other.

The major source of suffering in the physical world (other than natural catastrophes) arise from human Personalities drawn into the Hell regions. As Sacred Images exist in the Heaven, so they exist in the Hells. Persons on earth drawn to Mammon or Satan are reinforced so to become more and more like their objectified sponsors. Divine Love being transformed into selfish love.

I think this is sufficient for the time being. I do suggest that each of you avoid the lower Hells for they lead only to perdition and spiritual death. Rather, seek resonance with the Higher Heavens and the Invisible Order therein.

Cheers.  Michael

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