As a supplement to Beyond Western Medicine, we are going to begin an eight part series on spiritual medicine, or medicine dedicated to helping people complete their conscious evolution.
Today we are going to discuss a medical model that I have been developing, expanding and utilizing for a number of years with my patients and students. My job will be to communicate as clearly as I can and all you have to do today is to accomplish that humanly impossible task of “listening with a silent mind.”
The area we are doing to spend some time exploring this lesson is contained with two questions: (1) What kind of medical model would result if we expanded our view point beyond the possibilities offered by the linear, causal, material model currently utilized by those practicing traditional western medicine? and (2) What kind of medical model would result if we move beyond the limitations of eastern medicine? In other words, we are going to enter into world view, I call “teleomedical”.
First, if we are going to discuss such an all-encompassing subject as teleomedicine, we need to establish agreement as to the specific meaning of the terms I will be utilizing. The word medicine is derived from the Latin root mederi “to heal; originally, know the best course for”. Therefore, we will look beyond the current formulations of existing medical models is in spirit with the original meaning of the term medical.
Teleo is a prefix derived from the Greek base, teleos, which is the genitive of telos, meaning: end, goal, result. Therefore, teleomedicine refers to a medical system or model which is all comprehensive, all complete, the final goal, a model which is the end result of accounting for and addressing the individual needs of each man, body, soul and spirit, his social systems and mankind’s place in the Biosphere of the earth and as developers of the World Soul, or Adam Kadmon of the Kabbalists.
For a long time now, quite a few lifetimes I suppose, I have been formulating and searching for answers to several, perplexing, ephemeral and essentially, causalgic questions: What is the purpose of this multilayered system of actualities and potentialities we find ourselves functioning within on a day-to-day basis? What is the purpose of animate entities? What is the purpose of mankind? What does the concept of freedom mean to creatures asleep in the material and spiritual worlds? What actions can an individual man use to become a “cosmically-significant, selfless, Individual”? What is the difference between one’s Personal Individuality and self or ego? What do the terms medicine and health really refer too?
Suffix to say, attempting to find answers to such questions, even deciding if such questions are properly formulated, has required studying not only the theoretical foundations of, but also the pragmatic potential of applying the insights provided by many different, and sometimes apparently opposed, philosophies and “world views”. By exposure, I mean more than a cursory and superficial survey of a particular school of thought or a certain religion, I am referring to the decision and act of suspending judgement as to the validity of the foundation principles and usefulness of a particular world view until I have taken sufficient time to absorb the significance of the nature of it’s basic structural elements, have explored their many internal interactions and evaluated the pragmatic value of the work tools offered so to serve my individual growth and the higher purposes of evolution of our living, conscious Biosphere. Such study entails approaching the subject as if, “one was a walking question mark, leaving no stone unturned, nor sweeping any small incongruity under the carpet”.
Therefore, understand, that the information I am going to share with you today is a partial synthesis and extension of teachings–both ancient and modern–gleamed from many different cultures, time periods and persuasions. Realize that the only commodity I can share with you is knowledge; that is, facts about the several worlds composing the Universal System we all are now experiencing. This limitation exists since we are limited to the employment of the communication tools available in our finite, limited and quite incomplete, world of material energies–that is, certain words, concepts and labels which give you the impression that you actually can know what I am saying. What I really want to share with you, and cannot do so, is understanding–for understanding is the direct result of personal experience integrated through conscious attention by each unique individual, each infinite monad, each Microcosm. As the Buddha is reported to have said, “I have traveled the Ancient Sure Path and can point out its Way, but I cannot carry you to final liberation as one carries a sack upon the back.” ***

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