Journey of Self (1987) Poem 18



Dears, this is the final chapter in the 1984 birthday celebration book for RML.   The original article was written in 1983, when I was 33 y.o.  Another 33 years has passed and I find that my youthful and exuberant analysis has changed.

While, the species Homo has more more complex in many ways, our primary cognitive-affective modes of thinking and feeling remain primitive and prefer magical and animistic concepts to spiritual truths.  We are no better and no worse than we were 50,000 years in the past.  Biological evolution has done it part–and no legitimate progress towards the Absolute is possible in the physical.

While, man as a species will not change, species are either transformed into a new species or go extinct; man can consciously evolve via transformative work withe the empyreal, psychic, astral, or kesdjan body. Spiritual evolution is fully individualized and only is accomplished via super efforts.  Man makes his or her own immortal soulness.  True the Work happens mainly in the physical, but it is intended within our psychic self.

Why do you think Jesus recommended to open ones eyes and awaken?

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