The Misunderstanding of Divinity

What man calls the Divine, I downgrade to the merely psychical–an entertaining world dreamed into manifestation by intelligent, self-aware life on earth and elsewhere. Our physical bodies definitely reside in the physical, but the world our psychoistic selves reside and function within is the astral or empyreal. It is a dream world and amazingly rich–but not Divine. What is truly Divine is the world above the physical and the psychical–this is where we need to place our centers of being–not in the astral. This is why I downgrade the astral plane so strongly and seek what is beyond thought and speech.
I know many openly disagree with me on the significance of the astral plane–but, to each his or her own existence. But, have you may want to consider the thoughts of the Buddhist and Vedanta schools and their concepts of heaven, hell, and the physical.

Have fun, kids. School is back in session. Wonder where the instructor is?

One must dig extremely deep into early civilization to understand why the numbers 7 and 12 where thought to be Divine. The original significance of 7 and 12 arose from music theory as expressed in Sumer and predynastic Egypt. Whenever, one strikes a note, say middle C, the lowest frequency heard is the fundamental and it is matched by higher harmonic as octaves. Moreover, the western mystics found that the heptatonic scale was pleasant to the ear. The most pleasant sounding note spacing is the fifth, e.g., C D E F G. By experiment, they discovered that 12 ascending fifths will fill 7 ascending octaves (almost perfectly, but that is another story). And this is why the numbers 7 and 12 were considered Divine in all matters–a sensory phenomenon and not a mystical one after all.

Remember, as unfortunate as it turned out to be, “Man is the measure of all things” as man is the supreme egoist.

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