Odes au Beau Sexe (6)

Sweet and Fragrant Rose

Oh, sweet and fragrant Rose,
soft-silken petals red against the snow,
beauty too sublime to capture in Victorian prose,
cometh, dear Love, for thee I wouldst know.

You standeth proud, so like a Queen,
no flower, knoweth I, more beautiful than Thee,
yond handmaidens, abound, leaves emerald-green,
pansies, violets, and fleur-de-lis.

Honey bees dost stop so to harvest life-giving nectar,
and double-winged blue dragonflies buzz all about,
watched over faithfully by fleeting fairy protectors,
hummingbirds darting, here and there, gay gadabouts.

Your garden kingdom, restful and serene,
a secret haven to hide within and rest a weary heart,
oh, sweet and luscious Princess, sea gem of aquamarine,
whilst thou grant to me a boon, cometh thee to me and ne’er depart?

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