Mystical Moment of Reflection

Greetings, Fratres and Sorores,

Was in civil court today fighting for truth, justice, and the Constitutional way so no time for the next chapter in Sacred Templates.  So I am going to provide a most important exercise that is excellent for your spiritual growth and to see if you are being honest with yourself.

This exercise is from the Institute and works regardless of your spiritual group affiliation.

Here goes:

I.  Sit down in a quiet place. If you happen to have some Rose Oil and Eucalyptus Oil, a little of each on some cotton in a flat dish will awaken your psychic centers, and sit quietly for several minutes before lighting your favorite incense.

2. Take some blank paper and draw a line down the center and label the left column  Reasons I Joined ‘X’ and the right column Reasons I Stayed With ‘X’.

3.  As you sit, effortlessly recall the reasons you joined the your spiritual group.  Keep it in simple sentences of few words.  Make sure you are being absolutely accurate before writing a reason on the paper.  Do not use what you think were the reasons, allow your higher awareness to tell you–whether you like such or not!  Most important.  Do not reason about what you right down until later.

4.  When you are finished with the left column, do the same for the right column.  Listen to your small voice within and forget about the reasons your mind-brain thinks are correct.

5.  When you are finished, put the pencil down, close your eyes and ask the higher self to consider what you wrote down.  Take 3 minutes or so.

6.  Then, reread the answers in both columns and cross out those you know are not true.

7.  Then, ask your higher self to let you know, if some other answers are more correct and more helpful for your spiritual growth.

8.  Do not criticize or belittle or aggrandize yourself during this evaluation.  It serves no useful purpose.

9.  Good luck!  When you are done, fold up the paper and place into your spiritual notebook to review in a few years.  Our reasons often change, but our dedication can be steadfast. Remember, self-honesty and accurate self-evaluation is necessary to move inward and upward.

Have fun, kids.  Papa Smurf

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