Tidbits For Your Path To God (1)

POEM 5  29 June 2014

In our world transient,
whatever arrives, eventually passes,
both troublesome moments, and equally,
tidbits of happiness and joy.

Life’s Sea is not a deep one,
so resist making it so,
avoid indulgences in betrayal,
hurt feelings and lost banknotes.

Hurrying and scurrying like
little field mice scattered about.
Exchanging the One authentic life
for seven Bollywood imagined lies.

Warm happiness and dark sadness,
flimsy cloud patterns soon to pass.
Instead, look to the Higher Above
search for guidance, rune stones, and omens.

Life is not about living society’s dream,
life is about being authentic and human,
feelings are to be felt not tinkered with,
some days are really bad,
some days are really good,
use them all for your soul’s sake.

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