Psychoism and the Astral (10)

Summary Review of Reality

Tomorrow, we begin a careful study of the ‘presumed connection’ between the mental and physical worlds described in parapsychological and paranormal phenomenology. Particularly, in relation to the nature and functioning of our individual and conjoint ‘ergoegotic center’ derived realization (type II). By the conclusion of this short series of blogs, you will share with other readers a most unique and sensible perspective, conducive for analyzing such phenomena rationally and usefully.

So in preparation for our next journey into mind, we summarize our prior lessons as to the typology of our multilayered psychic realization.

Previously, we discussed how Neo-Darwinian evolution of the central nervous system (CNS) provided higher mammals and birds with the ability to automatically generate very accurate, virtual images of their surrounding environs and which are overlaid upon the parent physicality. The accuracy and validity of these virtual-physical world images in humans, and likely higher mammals and birds, are well-established, even as to shared sensory illusions.

This is what I have termed ‘the virtual-physical, the pseudo-physical, or type I’ reality. Moreover, the creation and utilization of such reality are apparent to normal persons during all waking hours (diurnal awareness).

Later, we came to understand that during nocturnal dreaming, the same ‘imaging operator’ is activated, automatically creating a nocturnal complement to our diurnal type I reality. Such internal dream-images being constructed by the CNS from sensory memory, employing learned geometric relations of physical space, temporality, objects, creatures, and actions. As nocturnal reality is reconstructed solely from memory, after initiation by unconscious mental activity, its content is idiosyncratic, internally inconsistent, and deviates from normal restrictions of physicality placed upon diurnal awareness.

Let us call the temporospatial dreamscape, or nocturnal virtual world reality, type I nocturnal (type I-n), so to clearly differentiate it from the more objective type I diurnal (type I-d).

During nocturnal awareness, or dreaming, the CNS populates type I-n reality with various objects, creatures, and actions which are experienced by the dreamer as rather disjointed narratives unfolding in time. Moreover, the dreamer discovers that the standard laws of physical existence are violated during dreaming; mythical creatures exist, magic works, ego identities are interchangeable; shape-shifting is possible; aphysical modalities of communication are possible; and mortality is violated. Such experiences arise first in nocturnal dreams (or psychoses) and form the fundamental foundation of our personal state of awareness, or type II reality.

If our nocturnal awareness remained distinct and separate from our diurnal awareness, most of us could function reasonably well in the physical and social worlds. True, our awareness would remain contaminated with many unsound and false beliefs, prejudices, unrealized hopes and fears introjected from our socialization; we would still be susceptible to irrational thinking and spin; however, we would be free of unnecessary psychic baggage. Unfortunately, type II awareness arose from involvement of the ergoegotic center in nocturnal dreaming; hence, all of us suffer the excess baggage of demons, gods, monsters, and magical-animistic thinking.

Lastly, there exists the type III reality of conscious, awakened individuals. To move toward conscious awareness, the first chore of the aspirant is to restrict type I-n awareness to nocturnal dreaming. The second chore is to cleanse the purely diurnal type II awareness of unnecessary and illusory beliefs, biases, prejudices, concepts, unwholesome desires and unwholesome actions. Such cleansing accomplished by sincere, honest observation of yourself; how you, the creature, interacts in the world–what it thinks, what it feels, what it likes and dislikes, what it finds pleasant and unpleasant, ad infinitum.

Once the creature is cleansed and present in the ‘here and now’, it has become an appropriate vessel to hold what is above type III reality–pure consciousness.

I suggest reading this blog several times, and the previous ones, so you have a clear understanding of the awareness present in you, the creature. Laziness will end in failure–all sincere efforts are noted and accrue. Best, the Good Doctor

NOTE:  I am expanding on my explanation of the types of realities and the imago operators producing such so to better explain how the empyreal plane works. I think I was too brief previously and this addendum will come soon.

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