A Necessary Interlude on Needless Pity

We take a short break from our book serials to address a significant problem in spiritual development.  A problem each faces as he or she progresses inwardly to the celestial worlds.

This problem arises frequently after the news media publishes an article or produces a video based around a real human tragedy, such as the recent and meaningless shooting in Orlando and the innocent two year drowned and likely devoured by the alligator in a lagoon at Disney World.

The listening public is attracted to such tragedy as human beings have a natural fascination to unwholesome events (this is a defect in our natures) and so respond with a standard set of human emotional responses.  I do not need to remind you, for you all know what emotions I am speaking towards. i.e., rage, anger, fear, malicious joy, pity, and sympathy.

Experiencing the onset of one or more of such emotions is an evolutionary sequella, but indulging our awareness by feeding such emotions is a unworthy act and an impediment to mystical progress.  Why? Because it leads nowhere useful.

Sympathy and pity are semantic cousins and always appear as a pair.  These feelings are tinged by egoism and do nothing to propel us to work towards fixing our social systems.  They serve only to make us feel that we are good and caring persons, when in truth, we are not such persons.  They speak to the Pharisee within.

Rather, we need to open our hearts to the higher feelings of compassion and understanding (which together represent the Divine Conscience) available.  Compassion makes us act so to practice altruism for those injured because we can resonate with the pain they are likely experiencing.

If we are present at the scene, we act to provide aid and help (as is typical of our species when bad happens around us physically) without thoughts for ourselves.  Such help is about altruism and not about egoism.

People suffering need to feel that their suffering is acknowledged by others as a true loss. One must wish them strength so to make it through the ordeal–they do not need sympathy and pity.

Every time you find someone in the midst of a tragedy or an unfairness of fate, I recommend that you decide to do something good for this person just for the sake of goodness.  For if you do not remember the wholesome within our species, you will only feed the unwholesome.  For it is a mystical truth that, “A single act of kindness done for another, a kindness done when self is not present, will open in the recipient a portal to the God of his or her own heart and realization which is healing indeed.”

I share a small, but true story with you, as to the kind of feeling I am discussing.

God’s Child-Kiev

Sipping, strong black tea,
sweetened with honey’s gift,
I gazed onto the street.

Beyond the fountain spray,
sparkling gems of rainbow hue,
came a small child,
her wee hands held firm,
father and mother at her side,
a difficult birth, cerebral palsy had she.

Halting for a rest,
father lifted his darling blonde,
onto the worn and wooden bench,
sitting close,
his arm he placed around her side,
to keep her safe and balanced straight.

Who would dare to claim
that human love in not innate?
A blasphemer, an infidel,
an unholy one.

And her mother sat close, aglow with love..

The tears of Angels never lie,
when shall, come we, to see,
that each of us are,
as this little girl,
incomplete and lost
without each others care?

So Fratres and Sorores, stop your sympathy and pity for such corporeal feelings will never open your heart to your God. Rather, do something useful if close by, now our later, or if far away absorb some of the suffering of those immediately involved in the tragedy! Sacrifice for another whenever you can.

Blessings, Michael





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