Creation and It’s Energies (37)

A. Major: Advocatus, you mentioned the God Self when you began. What exactly do you mean?

Advocatus: The God Self is the highest manifestation of man’s consciousness and represents the Soul Personality, the Divine Spiritual Self, or in the language of the Egyptian mystery schools, the shining, luminous, intangible being called the Khu. This aspect of self is superior to the personal self in that it recognizes no beginning and no end to its Beingness since it is a direct manifestation of God the Creator. The Khu is objectively aware of the totality of the Created Universe.

Although the Egyptian Initiates understood that the God Self could not be divided, they found it useful to ascribe two additional functional components to the God Self: the Ahk representing the Higher Emotional Being and the Ba representing the Subtle Energy composing the Etheric Body of the God Self.

Brother N. N: Yes, Advocatus. It is indeed a wonderful day, a day of new birth, when the personal self at last acknowledges the God Self and discovers it has no beginning and no end. Please continue, Advocatus.

Advocatus: It is important to appreciate the concepts held by the high Initiates of the ancient mystery schools concerning the nature of the God Self, and its parts, for these concepts are frequently misunderstood by the uninitiated. Such persons substituted this Holy Triune with a more primitive religious concept of the soul held by the uneducated masses of ancient Egypt, which was also known as the ba. The common Egyptian believed that spirit of a good man, following a single life time, left the body and went to live with the god Osiris in the Field of Reeds. The Egyptian concept of the ba can be understood to be equivalent to the common and corrupt notion of the soul as taught by the Judeo-Christian churches of the present time–for they too have forgotten the ancient Tradition.

The personal self begins to recognize the presence and strength of the God Self only after many incarnations of following the unconscious dictates of the highest self. Through conscious absorption of the qualities of the God Self into its own structure, the personal self will awaken to a conscious awareness of its Divine Nature and merge into the All.

Since the personal self has been granted freedom of choice, it can choose to ignore the dictates of the God Self and instead immerse itself repeatedly in the pleasures of material incarnation. Eventually, the personal self is so deeply involved in the chaotic, negative and nefarious activities of existence, that it totally alienates itself from the God Self and assumes the role of a Lord of Chaos–being capable of perpetuating its personal desires for control even between incarnations. Unfortunately, once a personal self has totally given up its connection with the God Self, it is denied assimilation with the Totality of God and will perish as an individualized self at the end of time. Its essence will return to undifferentiated life force.

So you see, brothers and sisters, as Brother N. N. has said, the wedding is an execution and the execution is a wedding.

Brother N. N.: It is interesting that many times truth seems to be best appreciated in the guise of paradox. I would recommend, dear brothers and sisters, that you watch for the appearance of porters in your own personal journey, and hesitate not in paying them their due. Let us rest from our work today and resume our discussion in the morning.

The Adepti depart the stage after a quick fade to black. Lights up, doors open and audience departs. End of Act V

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