Creation and It’s Energies (24)

The Directed Energies

The second subcategory of energy is the directed. The directed energies are represented by all energies working in a preferred direction or dimension. For example, the spatial changes resulting in a physical body from application of Newton’s mechanical force laws or the electromagnetic field equations of Maxwell are examples of energies manifesting with preferred physical directions. The lowest category, E11, can be called the macrocosmic or large-scale field or exchange energies. These are the energies Einstein worked with when he replaced gravitational field energies with curved space-time.

The fact that the directed energy is of a higher order than the dispersed energies can be seen by recognizing that even though physical work, E11, can be easily catabolically transformed into heat energy, E12, with near 100 % efficiency; heat energy can only be converted into work at an efficiency approaching 40 % (even using a reversible, Carnot heat engine operating between two infinite reservoirs of varying temperatures).4

The second member of the directed energies manifests as E7, the vital energy. This energy is distinct from the energies making up physical matter and, as such has its own, unique nature. The energy is the prana of the Hindus, the vital life force of the Rosicrucians, the entelechy of Driesch and the elan vital of Bergson. It is the second component of the primary creative energy underlying all Creation, Nous. The vital energy gives living entities their characteristic, outward directed, goal-seeking quality. This energy manifests as the universal “urge to live” in all living forms ascending form the simple unicellular creatures up to man. Whereas the constructive energy allows things to live, the vital energy drives them to live, to become more. All living creatures are the instruments of the vital energy.

It is quite likely that the vital energy, analogous to the quantum particles composing inanimate matter, is also both wave-like and particulate. These quanta of life, these atons (named after the Egyptian solar disk), somehow are attracted to the appropriate physical forms so that life can occur. It would appear that the higher levels of vital and cosmic energies are simply more complex rearrangements of these atons.

The knowledge that the life energies manifest as wave-like quanta may have been known to the ancients is suggested by the sacred art of Ahkenaten, the last XVIIIth Dynasty pharaoh descending from Thutmose the III. This art depicts the rays leaving Aton as ending in hands holding specific discrete symbols, such as the emblem of eternal life, the ankh and the was scepter of power (see Figure 18).

Figure 18
Stone Depiction of Ahkenaten and the Solar Disc

Both the Rosicrucians and Gurdjieff state that people require three kinds of food to survive. They need material substance (food, water and the nonphysical B element of the Rosicrucians), air (oxygen and the nonphysical A element of the Rosicrucians) and mental and emotional impressions (sensory input, an unnamed element of the Rosicrucian). These three ‘material’ necessities are matched with a separate subtype of the anima particle.

As an aside as to the material nature of the atonic particles an interesting experiment was done in 1906 at the Massachusetts General Hospital, weighting people just before and after death in a hospital.

The highest level of the directed energies is E3, the regenerative or creative energies. At the lowest level, this energy manifests as the sexual drive underlying the urge to procreate. At its highest levels of expression, it allows man to be a free agent and co-creator with God!

This is the energy state symbolized by the Cherubim whose wings form the throne of God. The Cherubim are two ranks below God and are the source of pure knowledge for lower members of the Celestial Hierarchy of Dionysius the Areopagite.

Generally, the creative energies are beyond our reach, but we are not beyond its reach. We are often times instruments of the creative energies, for this is the highest energy normally working within the lives of men and women. In principle, the major difference between a developed and an undeveloped man is that the former can be a conscious agent of creativity. Gurdjieff taught that everyone and everything serves the purposes of Great Nature by their vary design, man can serve voluntarily, consciously; hence, gaining something original for himself.

The creative energy is the energy which gives us freedom and enables us to recreate ourselves. It is the energy which removes us from automatic and daily life and allows us to exercise voluntary attention. Without the creative energy to maintain our attention we are distracted and impotent in accomplishing our goals. The creative energy is the energy of the real “I”, the “Master within”. Creative energy is the energy allowing living things to avoid entropy and remain organized. This is the hidden 3rd law of thermodynamics, the ‘bathmisodynamic or hierarchical ‘ordering principle’.

One interesting observation, which you can verify for yourselves, concerns the manifestations of the creative energies in the lives of exceptionally talented individuals during times of pestilence and war. For example, Isaac Newton developed his mathematical theories of motion during the Great plague years in London of 1665-1666. Much of the progress made in quantum mechanics occurred just before and after the two world wars. Perhaps Gurdjieff was correct when he stated that knowledge is material, that energy lost or not used by one person will be stolen by another.

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