Creation and Its Energies (2)


During the period in which you attend voluntarily to this treatise; I am going to discuss the subject of energy and its various manifestations, exploring this area scientifically and mystically. I ask you to listen carefully to what is being said so that you can begin to learn to see how energy or Being manifests in your life rather than just thinking about it. The information being presented can guide you into a path integrating these concepts of energy or Being into your life–making them your own by observing and responding to the events transpiring through application of this knowledge. I am taking time to discuss energy, because everything that we do, is done to us or happens in us occurs through the transformation of energies. We cannot walk or talk without expending energy, food sources must be metabolized by the body to provide energy for the brain to think or the heart to beat, psychic energies must be utilized for astral projection or conscious work.

Realize that the many technologic advances of the 20th century are the result of man’s much improved understanding of how to more efficaciously transform physical energies. As we will see presently, when we look at the many equations and theories introduced over the past several hundred years explaining how physical energy works, mankind has accomplished much.

However, outside of genuine esoteric schools, mankind has fared less well in recognizing and adapting the vital and cosmic energies to the needs of life. For example, there are several levels of vital or life energies surrounding and within us whose proper accumulation and transformation will lead to a successful and happy life. Misuse of these energies because of ignorance, as to their existence and mode of operation, results in unnecessary sickness and premature morbidity and mortality. Our deeper spiritual and psychological well-being depends upon proper accumulation and transformation of the psychic energies. Nearly all the suffering and pain experienced by mankind is the result of failure to utilize psychic energies rightly. The proper control and transformation of certain energies is of utmost importance to the man or woman actively working upon Self.

The avant-garde, Russian mystic Gurdjieff (1872 – 1949) clearly stated this esoteric law when he said, “man, like all things, is a cosmic apparatus for the transformation of energy”. The Sufis speak of this when they teach that God himself cannot act in this world because this world is too dense, there are too many laws, not enough room to maneuver to actually accomplish anything. If God actually dwelled within the created world, his infinitely, compassionate essence would cause him to destroy the world to prevent suffering in even one small child. Therefore, separate living forms are needed, some of which are called humans, to act an instruments for God for the evolution of this less than perfect world.

The fact that energies and their anabolic transformation from one state to another is of critical importance for the growth of the mystically-inclined student is clearly demonstrated within the Rosicrucian ontology in which Being is described as the fundamental energy source.

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