Liber I. Way of the Gallant Heart (1.2)

The Ancients have a saying, “As to things of this world, the Devil is exceedingly generous, much more generous than God. Moreover, Satan provides many gifts to satisfy human concupiscence and human desires are natural, correct? His generosity comes with a very small price, a price which human evolution makes easy to pay. All He asks is that you ignore working on your ‘soul-seed’ and die a natural death. Do not worry. There is no Hell.”

“God on the other hand is stingy and rarely gives gifts to human beings. Now and then, He finds one sincerely working to mature his or her soul-seed; hence, earning the attention of the Angels. What does the High One do? He begins to send onto such seekers increasingly more intense and complicated hardships and travails which must be ingested and digested. By suffering these gifts, one catabolizes his or her concupiscence and uses such food for anabolic processes necessary to awaken into true consciousness and compassion. The price asked by God to continue His Succor, for the benefit of making a true Soul, is to accept as much Necessary Suffering as He gives. Do not worry. There is no Heaven.”

Contemplating this wise aphorism, one quickly comprehends, ‘why souls are a very rare commodity in our universe.’ A mystic will tell you, “Happy is the man possessing true Soul. Happy is the man who cares nothing for Soul, but much for concupiscence. But, pity the man Working on making such Soul.”

Satan’s capacity to fulfill human concupiscence, perverse as it may be, is beyond imagination. It is almost unlimited, but it is not infinite, for naught is infinite in Creation. Fortunately, for Satan, the innate human desire to escape worldly suffering by dangerously focusing on worldly distractions and living in the dreamworld are readily addressed by human fascination with electronic gadgetry. Why? Technology is the new ‘opium of the masses.’ This opium is not a biological, but it is an electronic hypnotic spell. This hypnosis of our technological world is not conducive to gallantries.

Finding ways to avert or break such hypnotic spells, for the benefit of the general population, is most improbable. However, some very small fractions of H. sapiens are psychoistically advanced and represent a transformation of our species (perhaps, one out of a million persons). These are the students that esoteric organizations seek to find and guide upon the path to true consciousness, true compassion, and immortality of Soul. A fraction of such transformed beings is ready too trod the Way of the Gallant Heart–the surest route to Finality.

So today, I will introduce the Cosmic Hierarchy of Love, Caring, and Compassion employed by the Institute. But, this will end your introduction to the Way of the Gallant Heart for a little bit, as first, we must learn about Creation and Its Energies: Material, Vital, and Cosmic. This is going to take a long period of study. Our text will be a canon, I began in 1996 and put aside until today. Patience is a great virtue to learn early in the mystic path.

Clearly, the goal of practitioners of the Way of the Gallant Heart is to seek completion through such hierarchy.


The Hierarchy of Loving

Self love–me first, evolutionary psychoism                 wisdom of David

parental love–biological based                                          wisdom of Abraham

martial love–first stage of unconditional love             wisdom of Mary

social love–unconditioned love to your neighbors     wisdom of Paul

generalized love–unconditioned love to humanity    wisdom of the Christ

Godlike love–unconditioned love regardless                wisdom of the Godhead

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  1. You should be a shame of. Your way of thinking. But jesus loves you and so do l but l.m going to pray for you. Because jesus is alive for evermore. Just look what jesus went through for us. Thank you jesus.

    1. Dear Friend,

      Thanks for taking time to comment upon the blog. And especially for your prayers. I wish you all the Blessings that the Christ promised. If you go to the following you might understand my heart better.

      Michael and and you

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