The Purpose Journey (59)

“As all objective happenings in the universe operate under natural law; either stochastic determinism on the quantum level or chaotic determinism on the classical level, every physical event is innately purposeful and such purposes can be rationally explained linguistically.

“It is an undisputable fact that every physical process moves from an initial state to a final state via linear processes mixed with some associated uncertainty. The key word is deterministic which simply means by lawful processes. Philosophical determinism or nihilism is a totally different matter and is unfounded.

“The physical end state of an objective universe evolving under purely lawful physical processes (linear equations) and quantum mechanics and gravity are easily described, but the end time remains unknown. The most parsimonious explanation is that the background temperature of the universe will get so close to absolute zero that a sufficiently large quantum fluctuation in temperature will collapse it to a near singularity.

“While, speaking about the physical and biological universes is not particularly troublesome to the modern investigator, there remain much uncertainty and confusion as to the mental worlds–notice I said worlds in the plural, not singular. Once we exit the observable world of physical momenergy (physics term for energy and momentum) and classical objects, inanimate or animate, all separated from each in space and time, the surety of science fails.

“Why, you might ask? There are a number of reasons. First, we do not know how the imago operators of the brain create our virtual realities, either awake or dreaming. I know Rav has discussed this with you previously. It seems that our brains generate virtual images embedded within virtual space and time corresponding to actual forms in space and time. Moreover, it reconstructs entire dream worlds with creatures, places, and archetypes when in REM sleep.

“Second, our mental worlds, our virtual worlds, are clearly not composed of momenergy. Upon what kind of substrate, do they manifest? What is the nature of this substrate? What is the compositional structure of our images? Many question! Rav’s Institute of Conscious Evolution and Human Development is preparing a book describing an incredible model for the substrate and structure of the aphysical worlds.

“Third, and most important, the aphysical worlds are the source of meaningful uncertainty. Previously, we saw how every system is purposeful and can be described functionally and cognitively by linguistic creatures, as ourselves. In other words, we are the creators of meaningful narratives about what happens to people within the physical world.

“However, true meaningful uncertainty is innate to the universe and not imagined by mankind. Such uncertainty is concerned about the end times. Whether or not the physical universe will fade away unsuccessfully or progress so to become fully conscious and alive with an intact Godhead. I think Rav discussed this when you were all in Camelot?

“True meaningful uncertainty is the controlling Law of Creation and Evolution. It can never be prevented. When it occurs, conscious beings must act by applying the proper aphysical force so to correct for the deviation of the universal time line. Not only must they choose the right force, it must be applied at the correct time, with proper intensity, and duration so to counteract the deviation. I recommend you read JG Bennett for an explanation of how events actually move as they unfold and why they tend to produce the opposite of what is desired.

“I use the word, peril, to describe the danger and the benefit of true uncertainty. For whenever true uncertainty affects the world’s time line, it is a moment of great import and opportunity. Or much mass suffering if it cannot be diverted. All great periods of senseless war are failed moments of true uncertainty–Genghis Kahn, Hitler, and Stalin.

“Peril derives from the Latin periculum meaning an attempt, a trial, or an experiment; a risky and dangerous undertaking. In his writings on purpose and meaning, JG Bennett chose to use the word, hazard. I think either is correct.

“Such moments of true uncertainty also arrive in our individual lives. How do you know? Easy, whenever, you find yourself in a situation and you cannot decide which path to take, no matter how much you cogitate upon the matter, you have met a ‘the demon of the crossroad.’ There are simply no questions you can ask for the demon to truthfully answer showing you the proper road to take.

“The only thing you can do is to look deep within your heart to see if the ‘arrow of the compass of the heart’ offers any useful information. If not, you must do this! Left up your head, stand tall, and take one of the two alternative paths. Either way, accept responsibility for your decisions and actions, pay attention so to avoid pitfalls, and trust useful signposts ahead. For once you finish traveling the path, consciously and impeccably, you will realize that the path you traveled was without importance. What was important was consciously using the ‘gift of perilousness’ so to make a soul worthy of God on High.

“Enough, it is time for tea and I shall show you are real Zen tea party. Nothing like the tea parties in Wonderland. Everyone stand up, stretch, and follow me.”

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